UEFA speaks on Ronaldo’s goal in Portugal’s 2-2 draw against Serbia


UEFA has explained why Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Serbia was not given in a dramatic World Cup qualifier 2-2 draw last weekend.

The top European football governing body said Ronaldo’s goal would have stood if the two football associations had agreed before the game to use goal-line technology.

Ronaldo stormed off the pitch seconds before the final whistle of the encounter and got booked for dissent after he was denied a stoppage-time goal against Serbia on Saturday.

The 36-year-old Juventus star was left fuming when his effort was cleared by Serbia defender, Stefan Mitrovic after it had crossed the line.

The referee, Danny Makkelie, waved on the play, and there was no VAR or goal-line technology to check the call, and Ronaldo threw away his captain’s armband as he headed towards the tunnel.

However, UEFA has now issued a statement on the matter, which read, “The decision to use goal-line technology for the European Qualifiers lies with the host association for each match.

“If the host association plans to implement goal-line technology, they must also obtain written consent from the visiting association in order for it to be used.”

Recall that FIFA, which organises the World Cup, said it was informed by UEFA last January that VAR couldn’t be used in qualifiers due to the “issues and restrictions” caused by the novel coronavirus.

The result of the draw means Serbia are now on top of the group on four points after two games, ahead of Portugal on goal difference.


The two teams will meet again in the reverse fixture in Portugal on November 14 in the final round of matches.

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