Nigerian Actress, Rahma Sadau Distributes Ramadan Palliatives To Kaduna Residents


As we all know the blessed month of Ramadan begins today, Muslims across the world started to fast, pray and give charity (sadaqah) to the poor, needy people and children.

They do so because it is a part of the tradition of Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. When the month enters, people who have the means to help less privileged persons try their best to aid them.

A notable Kannywood actress, Rahama Ibrahim Sadau also took part to share gifts to the needy people today at her home. The pictures were seen on social media showing Rahama Ibrahim Sadau preparing parts of the gifts.

The presents or gifts as can be seen in the photos include rice, millet, and other food items.


data.Today, many people would be happy because of this actress. Even though she is regarded as the most controversial actress in the Hausa film industry, today Rahma Sadau has done something good that even her enemies will praise.

data.She is regarded as a controversial Actress because of her mode of dressing.

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