7 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Your Watermelon Seeds Away


Watermelon is a scrumptious and nutritious fruit often loved inside the summer. It affords some of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and even helps to keep us hydrated due to its high water content material.

With all of these profitable reasons to enjoy watermelon, generally the watermelon seeds are simply an afterthought, and emerge as greater of a nuisance than a source of vitamins.

A lot in order that many people are even selecting watermelon without the seeds. We could talk a number of the motives why we also need to think differently concerning the watermelon seeds and why we may additionally want to add them into our diets.

Firstly, They can be introduced to our diets in some of methods. You may add the seeds in your teas and warm drinks, letting them steep and infusing into the beverage.

You may additionally want to feature them in your healthful recipes when cooking, or throw them into your blender while making your favored smoothies and shakes.

Lastly, one commonplace, and quite appealing way to consume watermelon seeds is by firstly drying them and then roasting them within the oven.

You may add your favorite herbs and spices to the seeds to make it now not simplest a healthful, but scrumptious snack as well. So what are the healthy blessings of watermelon seeds?


  1. Watermelon seeds are quite high in protein (particularly when compared to other seeds).

Just one cup of dried seeds consists of approximately 30 grams of protein, which could assist restore muscular tissues, and is beneficial for our skin and nails.

  1. They are additionally a rich source of healthy fats

This consists of mono- unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, inclusive of omega- 6 fatty acids. Be aware that one cup of dried seeds consists of about 50 grams of fat, which makes them an exceptional energy supplier, however additionally high in calories.

  1. Watermelon seeds are also a rich supply of the mineral magnesium.

A hundred grams of those seeds affords approximately 139% of your day by day endorsed requirement, magnesium has a number of fitness advantages for our our bodies, this sort of being beneficial for our cardiovascular sickness, keeping our bones healthy, and treating cramps,

  1. Watermelon seeds also are an excellent supply of vitamin B similarly to magnesium.

Watermelon seeds contain niacin, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and also pantothenic acid. This means that watermelon seeds may have super benefits for our immune systems.

  1. They also can assist with our cardiac fitness and ordinary heart functioning in addition to reducing ranges of IDI cholesterol inside the blood. Don’ t forget, IDI cholesterol is the terrible cholesterol that we do no longer want at dangerous stages.

  1. Watermelons have surprising health blessings for our skin.

Did you recognize that by using eating these seeds, you could help to preserve the pores and skin moisturized, soft and prevent several forms of skin issues inclusive of acne? As well, watermelon seeds can help prevent the signs of growing older because of the amount of antioxidants and healthful oils which they include.

Additionally, watermelon seed oil can help rid the face of dust and grease that builds up in the pores. All of this will be accomplished on account that those seeds contain oleic and linoleum acids, both of which sell the overall health of our skin.

  1. Considering the fact that watermelon seeds are excessive in protein and include vital amino acids which includes lysine, arginine and tryptophan, they are able to help with the overall health of our hair. The copper observed within the seeds creates the manufacturing of melanin, the pigment which affords coloration to the hair. As properly, the vital fatty acids assist to prevent breakage and maintains the hair moisture.

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