4 Youngest Computer Programmers in the World, Two of Them Are Nigerians


As we all know, the whole world is starting to go digital. We meet new people online via applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even in the banking industry, you can now send and receive money from the comfort of your house via USSD or online banking.

Like I said earlier, there is a very unique statement that says “The world is going digital”. This is especially evident during this COVID-19 pandemic as a lot of people were instructed to work from home. Some people even make use of some virtual monies known as Cryptocurrency.

All these wouldn’t have been possible without the help of computer programmers. These people work day in and day out in order to create applications with a very responsive ‘User Interface’ (UI) that allows even a layperson to operate or use such applications.

While there are popular programmers such as Bill Gates (Windows) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) who have built very successful companies and institutions over the internet and now, they are considered as role models every computer programmer out there.

Let’s take a look at four young computer programmers in the world, two of them are Nigerians.

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad

He is an 11-year-old computer programmer who hit the timelines after been touted as the youngest computer programmer back in 2016 when he was just 7 years old.

He was trained by his father who said that when the remaining kids are busy watching children cartoons, he was busy creating applications.

He is also the youngest Microsoft professional as he passed his exams at the age of six.

Tanmay Bakshi
Tanmay Bakshi is another programmer who hit the timelines at a very young age too. He is currently 15 years old.

According to his biography on Google books, he claims to be an author, AI/ML expert, TED and keynotes speaker, and a media personality who has addressed over 200,000 executives, leaders, intellectuals, and developers at international conferences, schools, universities, financial institutions, and multinationals.


Emmanuella Oziofu 

Emmanuella Oziofu is a 10-year-old Nigerian girl who was born in Edo state. She was recently hired by Southfield primary school in the UK to teach other kids around her age how to code.

She would be teaching HTML, CSS and also graphic design as she stated that to build a good website, you’d also require a knowledge of graphics to add in the webpage.

Joshua Agboola

Joshua Agboola is a 10-year-old Nigerian who is also a superb computer programmer. According to him, he said that he started coding at the age of six.

He can write codes on HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, C++, PHP and some basic Python. According to him, he goes to school 2 times a day and he goes for coding and entrepreneurship classes the remaining 3 times.

In the stories of these 4 programmers, there’s a similarity in the sense that they valued coding more than pleasure. They also went to school, but not as regularly as others because their parents are preparing them to become entrepreneurs in the future.

Yes, education is good, but it requires some additional orientation which is just the difference between how a poor family and a rich family sees it.

The rich value education, but they spend more time on career building and entrepreneurship but the others, they just keep pushing their kids to go to school without even building a strong future foundation for them.

Don’t always say you want your kids to be bankers, lawyers and all that. They might end up working under others. Instead, teach them how to be entrepreneurs from a very young age.

We wish them all the best of luck in their already booming careers!

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