How To Watch DStv On Your Android Phone For Free


Step by step guide on how to watch DStv On Your Android phone without Subscription.

Here is another complete step by step guide on how to watch DStv on you Android phone without Subscription. I have found myself in many places where people so much care on how to watch DStv on their mobile phone but couldn’t find a solution to their needs.

The fact that DStv has a lot of lovers cannot be neglected, but the subscription plans and the ability to stay tuned with them on phone seems to a barrier to many individuals, but worry no more as I am going to give you the detailed steps on how to use DStv on your mobile phone even without spending a dime.

With the guide I am going to drop right here, you will be able to stream your favorite DStv Channels and others, ranging from supersports, African magic and many more channel including big brother naija (bbnaija) which I guess to be one of your favorite shows. All at the comfort of your mobile phone, is sounds amazing right?

Just calm down, I will give the detailed instructions on how to Archieve all this in minutes right here.

You will remember that to stream any of the DStv Channels, you will need to subscribe to their monthly plan but reverse is the case, as you will be able to to stream your favorite channels with the hacked DStv app to be droped in this guide.

Hacked DStv app
For the purpose of this guide, we will be using a Hacked version of DStv app which is the only way in which you can stream DStv Channels without subscription.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to how to stream DStv Channels for free.

1. Click here to download Hacked DStv app (VTV).

2. Install and open the app.

3. Click here to get the activation code for free.

Click on skip anytime you see this

4. Now open the app, you will be prompt that a newer version of the app is available, click on skip as shown in the picture above.

Activation/login page

5. you will be redirected to a page shown in the screenshot above, paste the code that you copied in the step3 above inside the box and click on Activate.

Click on Again

5i. Once you Click on the activitate button, you will be taken to the page shown above, then click on again as shown above.


5ii. Upon clicking on the again button, the error will appear again, now Click on cancel and you will be taken back to the login and activation page, now Click on login. And boom! You’re in.

6. Scroll down on the lists then Select DStv and enjoy.

How can I Resolve Error that prompt while trying to change channel.

You might get an error message while try to change channel, calm down and don’t panic. Just follow the instructions below and you will be connected again.

Click on To Activate

1. Once the error prompts, Click on the To Activate button as shown above.

2. Now repeat the step 5 above and you will be connected to your selected channel.

Note that you don’t need to manually enter the code again, once you Click on To Activate, you will see the cose there automatically.

How To Watch bbnaija live on mobile phone

I have discovered that many individuals are having difficulties in turning to bbnaija channel via the hacked DStv app, this is because many are searching for BBN directly but reverse is the case, as it’s not named as BBN directly.

Follow the instructions below to connect to BBN and watch big brother naija show live on your mobile phone.

Locate EWTN

1. Once you have Sellect DStv, scroll down to locate EWTN and click on it.

2. Boom! You’re connected to bbnaija and you’re already streaming it live.


Wow! You have grabbed the detailed information on how to watch DStv for free on your Android phone. It’s time to grab your phone, follow the instructions above and Enjoy!

Source: Opera News

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