Here Is What You Need To Know About The Popular Food Called Tiger Nuts (Hausa Groundnut).


These days, tiger nuts is becoming more and more popular and majorly consumed by a great number of people in Nigeria, and other parts of Africa. A lot of people love eating tiger nuts and it is popularly known as “Hausa groundnut” in most parts of the country.

And off course, its sold mostly by Hausa traders on wheelbarrows during the day time. In today’s article, I’m going to be telling you guys more about the benefits of constantly eating tiger nuts.

What is Tiger Nuts.

Tiger nuts is actually a particular kind of perennial crop that is found mostly in Africa, Asia and Madagascar. It is botanically known as cyperus esculentus in science.

Origin of Tiger nuts.

According to food scientists and historians, Tiger nuts originated from the African country of Egypt, so many years ago, where it was eaten as a snack food. There are two types of tiger nuts namely; Fresh tiger nuts and dried tiger nuts.

Is Tiger nuts good for the body?

Absolutely, yes it is. It has been tested and proven by food and nutrition scientists that this amazing crop does a lot of nice things to the human body, especially when taken regularly. In fact, it is a very important food product that shouldn’t be ignored.

Health benefits of tiger nuts (Hausa groundnut).

Tiger nuts has been tested and proven to have so many health benefits to its name. They include;

1. Tiger nuts is very rich in calcium which helps in teeth and bone formation among young children.


2. Tiger nuts is also very rich in amino acid which helps to maintain normal blood flow in the human body.

3. Tiger nuts also has high contents of Vitamin E which helps the body to prevent cancer.

4. Tiger nuts is also rich in protein and gives lots of energy to any one who takes it.

5. Tiger nuts helps a lot to relax the mind and help improve the brain capacity of individuals.

The Myth that Tiger nuts helps to make Children brilliant.

As a Nigerian that grew up in the south south region, I heard a lot of myths and legends about the almighty tiger nuts. It was alleged that if a child is too dull and is struggling with academics, once the parents start feeding them tiger nuts, their brain will definitely be more advanced and they can easily remember what they’ve been taught at school.

Thanks for reading. What other myths about the benefits of tiger nuts did you hear about. Please comment your thoughts and share!!!

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