You must have heard the name of Network Marketing from someone’s mouth. After that, the person may have also explained to you about network marketing. He must have told

what network marketing is? What are the benefits of network marketing? How can you become a millionaire with network marketing?

Many such things would have been told by that person. There will be many people who have not even heard the name of network marketing or they will not know anything about it. As soon as you hear the name of network marketing, many questions start coming to mind.

Many people think that Network Marketing is a bad business, then many people are earning millions and crores of rupees in it. If they are earning now, then you can also earn. But for this, it is important to know some basic things about network marketing,

What is Network Marketing?

The first question that comes up is what is network marketing? What is Network Marketing hidden in its name? Network marketing is a type of marketing in which you can make money by adding a few people yourself.

Many people find this to be fake, but many companies give you a chance to earn money through network marketing. Before working in network marketing, you need to know what actually happens in network marketing.

Many companies in India have a lot of products. To sell these products, some companies resort to publicity and some companies sell them directly through the people.

The product that is sold through people without any publicity is called network marketing. Now it is not that you have to sell a product every time or you have to play the role of a salesman for the company. You do it like a business.

In this, the company gives you some products that you have to sell to another person and you have to tell about the policy of the company. When you sell a company’s product, you get a fixed commission on it.

Similarly, the person to whom you sold the product also has to sell the product to another person and the person gets a commission. 

In this way, this chain moves forward. The commission you got from the person to whom you sold the product or who you told about your company, will only be yours, and later on, that person will add commission to that person and the number of people that his or her couple will add to that.

You will also get a commission. When you have more people, you will not need to do anything and you will be able to earn a lot of money without doing anything.

When the company gives you the product, then you also get some investment. Although this investment is not much, if you have the ability to sell that product, then you will soon be able to make your profit and in the future, there will be a time that you will neither have to buy nor sell the product, you will earn money without doing anything. Will remain.

This income will continue to work as long as the network you have created will continue to work. It is not that only the person who created the network will earn it, but in it every person who builds the network earns it. That is, everyone after you and every one after that earns at their own level.

In network marketing, you can earn more money in less time, but for this, you should have the ability to convert people.

If you cannot assure people that what you are telling them about the product and the policy of the company is beneficial or not, then you will not be able to excel in this area. To earn good money in this, you have to work hard with a lot of passion and passion.

Why do companies conduct direct selling?

Companies in network marketing get you direct selling. The question may be coming to your mind that companies can promote it even by spending money by advertising on TV, radio or newspaper. With that, their sales can increase even more. So the answer is ‘yes.

Companies can do this but it costs them dearly. And on publicity, there is no guarantee that the product will be sold. To propagate, one has to invest money (money) first, and after that returns come which are not sure. Therefore, companies do not directly promote.

Many companies favor direct selling. The main reason for this is that it reduces the price of the product because they do not have to spend money on the promotion of that product. Apart from this, they earn the profit they have to make and they spend that money on the money they were going to spend on publicity.

Because you are advertising them and selling their product. In this way, you and other people are directly connected to the company and continue to make profits along with using the product.

Apart from this, many companies believe that customer trust increases through direct selling. If the product is good, then people make publicity of that product themselves. So these companies do direct selling through network marketing.

Why do people call network marketing bad?

When a person is explaining the plan of network marketing, some people explain to the person that network marketing is bad. There is nothing in it. The company runs away with the money. There are many negative things like this and they scare you. After that, you stop thinking about getting into network marketing.

There are two types of misconceptions about network marketing.

One is those who are not able to earn good money through network marketing themselves. Many people have become millionaires today through network marketing. This is a work through which you can earn more money in less time. You will not be able to think about how much money you will earn in this. But some people are unable to work in it.

So they talk negatively. Well, it is right to think about his words. Before getting into network marketing, you should ask yourself whether you will be able to do the work that is done in network marketing. Will you be able to buy those products from people and make them members of the company?

If you can do this, then you can go into network marketing. If you do not have this art, then it will be better if you do not think to go into network marketing.

The other negative thing that happens in network marketing is that the company runs away with your money. This is also true and it has happened many times in India. Many times companies run away with a lot of money from people in the name of network marketing, but have you ever thought about whether these companies are network marketing companies or not.

The companies who run away with your money tell you that you will spend a lot of money and you will become a millionaire within two years. Does not tell how you will become. Just show you big dreams and be happy with your money. People get easily caught in the affair of such companies and invest their money.

But keep in mind that these companies are not network marketing companies. Such companies run away with money by showing you the Ponzi scheme and do not fall into their trap. In network marketing companies, it is well explained to you how you can earn money.

Their main job is to get their product sold, not to invest a lot of money from you. If a company is investing a lot of money from you, then beware of that company.

How to choose a good network marketing company?

When you have already decided to go into network marketing, now you have to decide what network marketing company you want to go to or how to choose a good network marketing company.

By the way, if you search on the internet, you will find a lot of network marketing companies. But it is a difficult task to find out how much of this is right and how fake it is.

To choose the right network marketing company, first, you should pay attention to some basic things. In this, first of all, the company you have decided to join, first go to its website and review it thoroughly. In this, see what kind of product or service the company is selling.


These services and products should be unique, only then you will be able to sell them in the market. You should also see how long the company has been in the market. If a company has been doing network marketing for many years, it means that you can trust that company.

Apart from this, you should also find out who is the owner of the company. Where is the headquarter of the company, go there and do a visit once. Apart from all these, the company should have a government license to make any product or to do business that is recognized by the Government of India.

You can connect these basic things with a company to do network marketing. After this, you have to know more things from which you can trust the company. There are many types of network marketing companies in the market that you see big dreams. Many of them say that you can become a millionaire in a year.

They have a business model, but it is such that you do not understand how the company will benefit from this model. Apart from this, such companies ask you to invest more money. Before joining Network Marketing, definitely pay attention to how the company is making money from the business model. If you understand that model, you feel that the company is making money in this way, then you can invest in it.

Apart from this, do not invest large amounts of money in any network marketing company. Companies that show you great dreams often run away. Network marketing companies ask you to take a commission just by selling the product. This is their business model. If someone shows you a big dream, then trust the company thoughtfully.

How to do network marketing?

After choosing a network marketing company, you get involved with it, after this, the question comes: how to do network marketing? You have never done this before.

Actually, when you join a network marketing company, you are also given training on how to do this business? Training is provided to you on how to force people to buy that product. You can become a good network marketer by taking this training. But the dilemma is many even after this.

Whether or not you will get success after taking network marketing training is entirely up to you. Many people are not able to succeed even after taking training because they do not have the capacity to do that type of business.

The most important thing to do network marketing is that you have a network of people who trust you. Only through these people can you succeed in network marketing.

To start network marketing, you must first make a list of the people who trust you and they should be the people on whom other people also trust. Make a list of those people and encourage them to do this type of business one by one.

Apart from this, do a deep study about the product and service you are trying to sell them. Find out how people need that product in the market and then explain to the people about the product and the company.

Tell them about the benefits of this. You have to make full use of your training with them. Once you have connected some people to yourself, then your work will be done in a pinch.


There are many benefits to joining network marketing.

1) Network marketing is a job for which you do not need to leave your job. If you feel that you are not financially capable and want to do another job that has a good income, then you can choose network marketing. You can do this just like a part-time job or as a part-time business.

2) There is no certainty about when you will become a millionaire or a millionaire with the help of network marketing. Although many people are earning millions of crores of rupees today based on their skills. This is a business from which you can earn more money in less time. More than your job.

3) Whether you are successful in network marketing or not, you know the art of doing business. It is important in business that how you talk to people, how do you understand them and how do you meet them.

You learn all these things easily through network marketing. Apart from this, the quality of converting people also comes in you.

4) Through network marketing, you connect with many people. This creates a good network of your own which you can use as you like. Sometime later you think that you have to do some business, then you will have a lot of people who will trust you and support you in your business. That is, you can also build your own business through that network.

5) Through network marketing, you can fulfill all your dreams that you had ever seen and they could not be fulfilled due to financial problems. You can lead a good and luxurious life by succeeding in network marketing.

How to succeed in network marketing?

To succeed in network marketing is not a day or two’s work. In this, you have to give time and also have to be patient. You can be successful in network marketing, but for this, you should take care of some important things.

1) To be successful in network marketing, first choose a good company. Only when you choose the right company will you benefit. Suppose you have chosen a fake company and you went to work and later that company ran away while giving money, what will you do? Instead of being successful, you will be at a loss.

2) You should have good knowledge about the product or service you are selling in network marketing. When you have good knowledge, you will be able to convince people well. You will be able to explain well to the people about that product and company.

3) Apart from the information about that product, you should also know the trend of the market. You should know what kind of product people will like at what time. If you sell a product that has work in winter, then why would people buy it.

4) You are ready to fail in network marketing. This thing will take you to the forefront. If you think in the beginning that I will do so much business today or I will add so many people, then it is a bit difficult to happen and there is more chance that you will fail.

Many times it happens that some people join you after you have failed many times. Therefore, be patient in the beginning time and be ready to fail.

5) After joining the network marketing company, the company gives training, but many times this training does not work in your real life. For this, you should do a deep study on network marketing.

Apart from this, to understand the mood of your customer, read books based on business, watch the videos of experts. They will help you a lot in doing this business.

6) To make good money in network marketing, it is important to have a good team. In the time of starting network marketing, you should focus on building a good team.

You should take only those people in your team who can add more people later. If you have added some people who do not add people later, then your earnings will stop. And your hard work will be of no use.

Network marketing can be a good business from which you can earn a lot of money. For this, you need to work hard. This is a business in which you can earn good profits by investing less money.

Source: Akash Times

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