“Why do men fall on the bed when a woman pushes them with one finger”- Lady inquires on Twitter


There are several ways by which couples enjoy themselves during marriage and though it is quite normal, some can be questioned.

Those activities are sometimes weird but they are a portrayal of intense love and affection. Since it is done with true love, it is always interesting. Those special romantic moves keep a relationship standing.

However a Twitter lady identified as Emah asked a very sensitive question on Twitter. She must have noticed something unusual among lovers and decided to ask her friends on Twitter.

“Why do men fall on the bed when a woman pushes them with one finger”, She asked. It looks quite bizarre but it is very true. She recieved quite a number of reactions in the


comment box. She might be joking with it, but it is very educative. You can scroll down to see Reactions and also drop your comments in the comment box below.

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