7 Easy Steps To Complete N-Power Batch C Biometrics Fingerprint Capture And Enrollment


This article contains 7 easy steps to complete the compulsory Biometric Fingerprint Capture for all successful beneficiaries.

The following 7 steps should be carried out to complete your Biometric Fingerprint Capture Verification/Enrollment. This is also a prerequisite for the N-Power shortlisting process.

Step 1. If you are on your DASHBOARD, Click on the “Verification” tab.

Step 2. Click on “Capture Your Fingerprint” close to the fingerprint icon.

Step 3. Open “NASIMS (N-POWER) Biometric Client”. You will see this (SEE ATTACH IMAGE) below the new page. https://nasimsbiometeic.blob.core.windows.net/enrollment/Publish.htm

Step 4. Install this prerequisite separately before clicking the install button. Biometric Prerequisite for 32-bit or 64-bit Installation. The .NET Desktop Runtimes is required during the installation. You can launch the application if .NET Desktop Runtime is already installed

Step 5. N-Power Batch C applicants are advised to use a laptop or a desktop computer system. Click on “Install Button” and run the Application on your 34bit or 64bit windows operating system.

Step 6. Click on “Install” to install NASIMS N-Power Biometric Prerequisite on your PC or Tablet.


Step 7. Click on “Launch” if the installation was completed successfully, to run the Application or Software. Follow the instructions prompted by the process to capture your fingerprint and complete your physical verification/enrollment of biometric data.

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