Reactions As Nigerians Discover Man Who Cleans Gutters Around Ajah Was Once An Olympian


A young man shared the photos of a guy he always sees at Ajah-Addo-Badore axis, always doing one community work or the other and said that he wondered what the story of the guy would be because he looks like a selfless person.

He went on to say that the guy was always cleaning gutters, directing traffic, fixing roads and many more

His post generated reactions as many Nigerian who recognized the guy said good things about him.

Eventually, after thorough research, it was discovered that the guy was once an Olympian who goes by the name IronBar Bassey and he represented Nigeria in weightlifting in 1984

Photos of the guy doing some community work


Photos of him back when he was weightlifting back in the 90s

This discovery got reactions from Nigerians as many wanted to help the man in any way they can because they feel he is a good man who deserves the best. Some suggested giving the man money, so he can rest and stop doing much manual labor.

See their comments below

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