“I Will Not Hide The Truth, We Paid N150 Million To Kidnappers”- Man Reveals (Watch Video)


Although many Nigerians celebrated after abducted Greenfield University students were released by their abductors, the parents of the freed students are however barely surviving now after selling their properties to ensure that their loved ones were freed from the kidnapper’s den.

These parents, husbands, relations of the kidnapped students are beginning to release information as to what led to the release of the abducted students. These parents are beginning to chide the government for their role throughout the negotiation period.

Presently, a video is making waves on many social media platforms. This video shows a husband of one of the abducted female Greenfield students identified simply as Chukwuemeka lamenting after the release of his wife.

As can be heard from the video, the young man lamented over the huge ransom he had to pay before his wife was released to him. He decried over the health condition of his dear wife.

When the journalist asked him how much he paid before his wife could be released. Chukwuemeka responded, “N150 million”. 

Here is an excerpt of what he said, “N150 million. I will not hide the truth. Government that said they want to protect us.

The government that said they are going to protect my people. How can my wife go to work for two days and I am paying over N5 million with the torment. I can’t hide the truth”, he said.


Here is a screenshot;

This video has attracted a lot of attention so far as many people are reacting to it. The majority thinks that this is indeed a wrong move from the husband of the abducted Greenfield student.

They argued that he should have kept the amount paid to the kidnappers secret instead of broadcasting it in the media.

Here are some pictures

How We Paid N150 Million Ransom For The Release Of Kidnapped Greenfield Students pic.twitter.com/DYTeDVMfqU

— Punch Newspapers (@MobilePunch) May 30, 2021

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