A Photo From 1952 Shows The Seven People That Found Pyrates Confraternity


A photo posted by Daily Times Nigerian On Facebook shows the faces and the names of the 7 members who collided to form Pyrates Confraternity in the year 1952.

If you have read about Cultism before, the name “Pyrate Confraternity” might not sound weird to you. This group was said to have bred cultism which is now widespread In most Southern and Western parts of Nigeria. 

Even though the group was formed for the interest of human rights and to protect its citizens without a no violence approach, it is saddening to hear that the group brought about the now violent and disastrous-filled


group of associations called Cultism. Many groups of Confraternity were formed later on that was one of the reason the way people viewed the group changed.

I think the most noticeable name seen from the list is Nigerians Playwrite and Novelist, Wole Soyinka. Any other names aside Wole’s could be hardly known or recognized especially by people of this modern days.

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