Stop calling it “K-leg”. See the correct name and the cause of this condition


When some children start growing, there’s something noticeable about their legs especially immediately they started walking. The sides of their knees seems to touch each other which gives their legs a very unusual look.

In Nigeria, many people call this condition ” K-leg” which is because the condition makes the legs take the shape of the letter K. That form of referring to it has become a norm and many people think that that is the correct and only possible name for it.

Genu Valgum, or ” knock-knee” is the condition whereby the sides of the knees touch each other when standing. The condition is usually common among children between the ages of one to six years old, but in some cases, it can even continue to adulthood.



Knock-knee is caused by rickets which is due to insufficient minerals in the bone at the early stages of a child’s growth.

Though the condition is normal and not life-threatening, yet it can be corrected by surgery for parents who are feeling concerned.

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