Nigerian Air Force bombs wedding guests in Niger State, killing 2 villagers & injuring many


The Nigerian Air force Alpha jet has allegedly bombed a wedding occasion held in Niger State, killing some wedding guests in the area.

According to a report, the Nigerian Air Force airstrike was allegedly targeting insurgents and bandits located in the region but unfortunately resulted in several innocent casualties in the area. 

Most of whom are wedding guests and residents in a remote community of Niger State.

A report also disclosed that another airstrike successfully killed bandits and cattle rustlers in a small town of Niger State, known as Genu.

During the air bombardment carried out by the Nigerian Alpha jet, a bomb allegedly strayed to the wedding location, killing two villagers, injuring and killing some wedding guests in Niger State.


“Pictures for illustrative purposes”

Residents have rushed the injured individuals to the hospital for required medical attention, while the other victims who died as a result of the airstrike have been carried away from the scene of the event.

What can you say regarding this disturbing event that occurred at a wedding ceremony in Niger State?

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