Dear Married Women, Learn How To Scream And Shout When In Bed With Your Husband -Therapist Blessing


Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, The self-acclaimed relationship therapist has dished out advice for married women. 

The relationship therapist has always advised people in relationships on how to go about their life in a relationship.

Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has given married women advice on how to behave during lovemaking, she said all married women should learn how to talk dirty and scream in bed when they are making out with their husbands.

The beautiful mother of two has revealed, that it is more enjoyable when there is communication, she added, that lovemaking is powered by communication, conversation, and ring tone.

She said, lovemaking with your spouse can only be enjoyed extremely, when a woman screams, shout and talk dirty, whenever they are with their husbands in bed.

She revealed, that the video is for married women because, she found out, that a lot of them have become so static in bed. She said, that many women are killing their lovemaking life by not being active in bed when they are with their partner.

She disclosed how most married women become dull and less romantic in bed after marriage, relationships therapist has made it known, that every woman is still young and energetic before and after marriage.


However, the self-acclaimed Nigerian therapist has urged the women not to be ashamed to talk dirty or scream in bed when they are married.

She added, that married women should always feel free when they are with their husband, and not worry about anything so to make every moment with their husband enjoyable.

Blessing said, that screaming and dirty talks when making out with your husband create memory, she said what a woman says, during, before, and after sex is what creates a memory.

She also said that the screaming and dirty talks woman do in bed is one of those things people remember when they remembering their partner.

The relationship therapist went as far as demonstrating, how married women should scream when they are in bed with their spouse.


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