Ronaldo Wins EURO 2020 Golden Boot, Ahead Of Harry Kane And Tomas Schick


The final match of the UEFA European Championship was played between Italy and the English National team in Wembley Stadium.

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has won the EURO 2020 Golden Boot award, after ending his tournament with 5 goals as his team was eliminated in the Round of 16 against Belgium.


The Czech Republic striker Tomas Schick finished second though he also scored 5 goals just as Ronaldo, but played more minutes and had no assists in the competition before his team was eliminated.

Harry Kane scored 4 goals in the tournament, as he got to the final of the competition, one of his goals being the semifinal extra-time penalty against Denmark which helped his team to qualify for the final.

What are your thoughts about Ronaldo winning the Golden Boot of EURO 2020, though he exited the competition in the round of 16? Make your opinions heard in the comments section below.

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