“I Started Doing Makeup At The Age Of 10”- 13-Year-Old Male Make-Up Artist Narrates


In a contemporary world where things are done differently, gender or age should not be a hindrance to expressing one’s talent. 
A 13-year-old boy, Izobo Michael recently shed more light on his journey as a makeup artist, during an interview with TVC. In an ever-changing world of beauty, the importance of makeup has increased as it is needed for various purposes.
During his interview with TVC, Izobo revealed that he learnt to do makeup through his mother (also a makeup artist), as she often practices her skills with him. The 13-year-old makeup artist stated that his mother inspired his interest since he started doing makeup at the age of 10. 
Izobo revealed that he started learning by watching his mother at work and picking makeup instruments for her. Speaking on his Work-life balance, Izobo stated that he only visits the makeup studio during the weekends.
The young makeup artist added that his father supports his makeup talent, considering the financial earnings attached to makeup artistry and how popular it is. Izobo added that he is also interested in robotics and technology.
On how his friends responded to his makeup talent, Izobo explained that many of his friends initially thought he was teasing them but they eventually believed in his talent. The 13-year-old makeup artist disclosed that he is better at creating flashy looks.
Discussing some of the challenges he faces as a young makeup artist, Izobo explained that new female customers usually doubt his ability when they visit his mother’s makeup studio, as many of them are usually in disbelief of his talent due to his age.
Izobo Michael encouraged other parents to take s look at how children are flourishing across the world when they are encouraged to chase their dreams
Izobo’s father also encouraged other parents to allow their children to acquire vocational skills. He envisions a future where his son can pursue an academic career alongside his vocation as a makeup artist.
Izobo’s mother described her son as a naturally talented artist.
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