My skin is luxurious, Tonto Dikeh says as she shares pictures from the saloon


Just like patients at the hospital are placed on drip to hydrate them and nourish them back to health, there is a new skin care trend that uses drip to supply vitamins and nutrients to the skin to boost it and make it glow. Tonto Dikeh joined the trend days ago. 

Although she hates needles as she stated, she decided to undergo IV drip treatment for her skin to have a luxurious glow. She says she’s loving the results, that her skin is so finer and silky and she won’t be using filter again.

The appeal with using IV drip is that the results are delivered immediately. The skin supplements are delivered in larger amounts. Tonto Dikeh had been on her beauty drip for just one week only and see the results. Check out the beautiful pictures that she shared:


Many people use the IV treatment to brighten their skin. Some treatment stops the production of melanin which is what makes our skins dark. In conclusion, you have to know the type of drip you are being given, because it might have sides effects like headaches and dizziness.

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