Update on NPC Adhoc Staff Salaries in 2023: allowances for transportation, training, and eating out, among other things


NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR POPULATION: The Ad-hoc Staff Salary Structure, Feeding and Transportation Allowances, and Training Allowances were Made Public by NPC.
Let’s first provide a brief update on the NPC 2022 Adhoc Staff Recruitment in advance of discussing the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary.
Over 2 million Adhoc Staff will be temporarily employed by the commission as part of the procedures for ensuring the smooth operation of the 2023 Census Exercise. Only Specialized WorkForce and Facilitators have been shortlisted among these Adhoc Staff to be hired.
Since December 2022, the Specialized WorkForce and Facilitators have been using e-learning. Some have taken the NPC Quiz and the NPC Final Exam, and their Contact Training is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2023, through Wednesday, January 25, 2023, and Thursday, January 26, 2023, through February 4, 2023, respectively.
The shortlisting of enumerators and supervisors will take place between January 16 and January 31, 2023, as stated in the National Population Commission’s schedule for the Nationwide Population and Housing Census Exercise in 2023.
Salary for NPC Adhoc Staff An Enumerator’s NPC Adhoc Staff Salary ranges from N100,000 to N220,000, while a Supervisor’s NPC Adhoc Staff Salary ranges from N130,000 to N230,000 Important Notice This is for all to know that the following are the remunerations for the SWF and State training:
1. Feeding allowance a. SWF: N2,000 per day for 13 days (three days of SWF and ten days of State training; states that did not observe the first three days are exempt). b. State facilitators: N2,000 per person per day for 10 days. Allowance for training: Trainer: N15,000 per day divided by 13 (SWF) and 10 (State facilitator) trainees; Trainee: N10,000 per day divided by 13 (SWF) and 10 (State facilitator) 4. All categories will be paid twice, as follows:
* Feeding and transportation: N46,000 for SWF and N40,000 for State facilitators. * Training allowance: N195,000 for trainers (SWF) and N130,000 for trainees. State trainer: 100,000 Naira, trainee: 150,000 By the end of training on January 29, 2023, the HQ portal must approve the confirmed attendance list for payment.
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