Full Funding for the Joint Japan-World Bank Scholarship Program in 2023


The Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship provides students from developing nations with the opportunity to study in advanced nations. Students with a bachelor’s degree who want to pursue a master’s degree are eligible for the scholarship program. International students who have at least two years of experience in the development sector and are eager to pursue a graduate or master’s degree in a development-related field are eligible to participate in this scholarship program for a master’s degree that is fully funded. Students who would like to study abroad but are unable to afford it without external funding and financial assistance have the chance to do so.
Students who are unable to study abroad because of financial, political, or economic constraints must take advantage of this opportunity and submit an application for the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2023. The scholarship is provided to encourage economic growth through education; Through this prestigious scholarship, the joint initiative will provide individuals with high-quality education, human resource development, and capacity building to achieve the set objectives. The fully funded scholarships for international students will assist students in developing specialized knowledge and skills to enhance their professional profiles.
To be considered for the World Bank Scholarship Program, applicants must have been accepted into one of the 48 programs in the United States, Japan, Africa, various European nations, or Oceania. The applicants are not eligible for the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program if they do not receive an offer of admission to any of the graduate programs that are eligible. The applicants will return to their respective countries after completing a two-year graduate degree program, where they will contribute to their nation’s economic and social development by utilizing the knowledge and abilities they gained through the scholar program. Candidates must be enthusiastic and motivated to contribute to the improvement of their communities and the world as a whole.
Countries that will be hosting the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program include the United States of America, Japan, Oceania, Africa, and Europe. The programs that are available for the JJWBGSP Application Window 1:
Application Window 2: Master of Public Health (Johns Hopkins University), MSv Conflict, State Building, and Development (University of Birmingham), Master of Development Practice (University of California-Berkeley), Master of Urban Design (University of Hong Kong), Educational Policy Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Health Systems Policy and Management (Vrije Universiteite), and Master of Development Practice (University of California-Berkeley).
Public Administration in International Development (Harvard – Kennedy School of Government) MSc in Water and Sustainable Development — Water, Food, and Energy Track (IHE Delft Institute) MSc in Water and Sustainable Development — Water and Health Track (IHE Delft Institute) MSc in International Social and Public Policy MSc Global Health Policy (London School of Economics) MSc in Refugees and Forced Migration Studies (University of Oxford) MA Environment, Development, and Policy (University of Sussex) MA Food and
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