Scholarships at Strathclyde Business School in the UK in 2023 that are fully funded


Outstanding international students interested in enrolling in the University of Strathclyde’s PhD program are eligible to apply for Strathclyde Business School scholarships. Ten fully funded scholarships are offered by Strathclyde Business School to outstanding and talented students who have a strong academic record, relevant external recognition, and dedication to their desired field of study. The Strathclyde Business School is accepting applications in all subject areas. The University offers a number of international research scholarships as part of its long-standing commitment to increasing the number of outstanding postgraduate researchers. A postgraduate certificate in Research Methodology for Business and Management is offered by Strathclyde Business School. It requires a minimum of 60 credits of research training. From October 1, 2023, these UK scholarships will cover the entire tuition cost for international and postgraduate research students. Each academic year, full-fledged scholarships for international students are available for up to three years of full-time or six years of part-time study.


Since its founding in 1948, Strathclyde Business School has established a global reputation. With a worldwide reputation for teaching and research, the University of Strathclyde is now Scotland’s third-largest university and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The innovative business school Strathclyde Business School has a long history. In the Times Higher Education 2016 awards held in November, the School was named Business School of the Year. This full-tuition scholarship was established to acknowledge the Business School’s “outstanding” overall performance and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The Strathclyde Business School Master’s and MBA programs rank among the best in the world. They will keep introducing novel business programs to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment. Therefore, do not miss out on this opportunity and submit your application for the Strathclyde Business School Global Research Scholarships in the United Kingdom in 2023 before the application deadline.
Courses that Strathclyde Business School Scholarship recipients can take:
Accounting, Finance, and Economics; Hunter Center for Entrepreneurship, Management, and Science; Marketing; Work, Employment, and Organization; Deadline is May 31, 2023. Financial coverage in the UK: Completely Supported
Cutoff time: May 31, 2023
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