The World Bank Legal Internship Program Without IELTS | Washington, USA 2023


World Bank Legal Internship Program 2023 is now open to all young individuals. The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency offers the opportunity for applications from all over the world, including the US. You can explore new ideas, being the latest research experience in the World Bank’s daily operations, to enhance your skills. This opportunity is available for you without IELTS. If you hold citizenship of the IBRD member state, you are eligible to apply. This internship is a highly paid internship in the U.S but this opportunity provides you with stipends. So don’t be too late and apply.
Do you want to explore the US? The World Bank Legal Internship provides the opportunity for financial benefits. The selected internee gets a monthly stipend. The Duration of this internship program is thirty years. One of the best internships for law students. This internship is held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C, and calls for Fall Internship (September to November 2023). So don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and apply before the deadline of 30th April 2023.
Details about the World Bank Legal Internship Program 2023
Host Country: United States
Host Location: World Bank HQ, Washington D.C.
Eligibility Criteria: International applicants and US students are eligible to apply.
Financial Benefits: Yes
Internship Duration
Fall Internship: 3 Months (September, October, November). Fall Cycle: 1 April to 30 April
Summer Internship: 3 Months (June, July, August). Summer Cycle: 1st Dec – 30th December
Spring Internship: 3 Months (March, April, May). Spring Cycle: 1st September to 30th September
Deadline: 30th April 2023
Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria to apply for this internship program are as follows:
All the eligible regions, international candidates and the US can be encouraged to apply.
The applicant holds the citizenship of IBRD.
If you are enrolled in LLB, JD, LLM, PHD, SJD & equilibrium degree programs in legal institutions are applicable to apply.
Financial Coverage
The financial benefits of this internship program are as follows:
The World Bank pays monthly Stipends to all the internees according to WB Policies.
Get a chance to meet with international candidates and enhance their knowledge.
Explore the United States.
You can work with the talented professionals of the world.
What do you do in an internship?
Your responsibilities during the internship program are as:
You will research on different issues, work, and tasks related to the World Bank.
with the supervising lawyers who participate in the project.
Take part in the preparation and organizing of conferences and meetings here.
Maybe you will need to perform ad hoc assignments according to the request of a supervising lawyer.
Required Documents
The following are important documents you should need to hold before applying for the Internship Program.
Your short Resume or CV
Statement of Interest or motivational letter. 
Evidence of enrollment at university for a law degree
All academic transcripts
Short essay about answering a research question by the Legal Vice Presidency.
Your National Identification Card (ID card)
No criminal record in your whole country or other.
How To Apply?
The application process is online to apply for the World Bank Legal Internship Program. Fill in all the required fields with correct information and submit them before the deadline. Use a Google account and sign in on the official website. For more details and info, please visit here:
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