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Apply Now – Nesto Hypermarket Jobs in UAE 2023

Nesto Hypermarket is actively searching for new employees who can carry out a variety of responsibilities. The company will provide you with a summary of the available jobs at Nesto as well as information on how to apply for them. Nesto Hypermarket Jobs in UAE 2023 is open to everyone.

The is a popular hypermarket chain based in the UAE. If you are interested in pursuing a career with Nesto, The Grocery store rack is hiring qualified workers in various job positions like departments, including sales, customer service, retail operations, human resources, finance, and more.

In the United Arab Emirates, Nesto has become one of the best marketplaces for both local and international residents. Additionally, Nesto pays and takes care of its workers. Among the things that distinguish them are the incentives and allowances to give to their workers. Graduates and undergraduates are employed both within UAE and outside the country.


Nesto Hypermarket Company Details 

The company has numerous offices in Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Saudi Arabia, and Oman as a united group. As a result of its wings in the above counties, the company is hiring competent workers to serve its customers in all the countries they operate. It was founded in 2004 by KP. Bashir, the immense growth of the company has seen it grow in over 100 Channels in various countries of operation.

The retailing firm is changing the narratives of retailing in India, Saudi, China, and beyond. Therefore; Qualified workers are needed both in technical and labor departments respectively.


How to Apply

To apply for a job, you have to submit your resume/curriculum vitae and cover letter through the online application form on their website. You should tailor your application materials to the specific job you are applying for. This will put you ahead of other applicants. Also, endeavor to highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications for a better chance of being selected.


Nesto Hypermarket Careers UAE in 2023

The company is constantly growing into one of the best retailing companies in the UAE. The available carriers are numerous including positions in retailing,

sales, packing assistant job, and warehousing. You can apply for 

  1. Salesperson
  2. Loading staff
  3. Accountant 
  4. Marketer
  5. Financial adviser 
  6. Driver 
  7. Security
  8. Call attendant 
  9. Sales supervisor.
  10. human resources


  • Ability to work under stress
  • Legal Visa Documents
  • Minimum of Secondary/High School Diploma.
  • Supermarket experience of 1/2 years
  • UAE Criminal Record


Job Details

Job category –  Dubai shopping mall

Gender Needed – Both male and female

Jobs Available – Numerous 

Applicant nationality – worldwide 

Job Type – full time 

Location – Dubai

Minimum education – High school / Secondary school

Company Country – UAE

Job Benefit – Not Disclosed

Career Level – Midlevel


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Nesto hypermarket?

The company was founded in 2004 by Mr. K P Basheer, Chairman of Western International Group, and run by Mr. Siddique Pallolathil who is the Managing Director.


Which is the biggest Nesto hypermarket in UAE?

The biggest Nesto branch is in Sharjah, the branch serves as a multi-purpose shop for a variety of items, including household goods, groceries, accessories, and House and office appliances. its Located at Butina, close to Zulekha Hospital, call them 06-553-8799.


What is the salary of Nesto Hypermarket?

Workers at NESTO HYPERMARKET make an average salary of $43,519.00 yearly.


The average monthly pay for customer service associates and cashiers at Nesto Hypermarket is about 544.51. This price may differ in various locations.



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