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Available Driver Jobs In Bahrain 2023 – Apply Now

Many organizations need good drivers to transport either the workers or goods in Bahrain. Currently, there are numerous Driver Jobs In Bahrain 2023: Prospective applicants must meet the requirements which will be listed in this article. Those who are employed are tasked to convey goods and services to the desired destinations. However, there are requirements and qualifications needed for driving jobs both within and outside the region of Bahrain including how much driver jobs pay in Bahrain.


Basic Information about Driver Jobs in Bahrain 2023


  • must be at least 18 years old
  • A valid driver’s license for the respective state is required.
  • must not have an outstanding offense on the driving record.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is necessary, and hotel or related experience is desired.
  • Driving Training License.
  • When transporting more than 15 passengers, a Commercial Driver’s License is necessary.


Job Description (Driver Behaviour)

  • Must be a good listener.
  • Must be Productive
  • Attend any training sessions and meetings that are necessary.
  • The driver must be friendly and welcoming.
  • The ability to communicate verbally and in writing with all staff members and visitors in a way that is considerate, polite, and service-oriented is required.
  • Adhere to companies standard.
  • Focus on service, courtesy, and friendliness in all of your interactions with both guests and staff.
  • Driver must be able to protect company’s information’s privacy
  • Wearing the proper identification badge and uniform always.
  • Must have the ability to understand and apply complex data, information, etc. from a variety of sources in order to accomplish the desired objectives.
  • Must be able to effectively manage issues when they Arrive.
  • Workers must be able to multitask and prioritize departmental responsibilities.
  • Must have foreknowledge hotel related works.
  • Must be self-motivated, particularly with the capacity to foresee visitor or operational needs.
  • Maintain regular attendance according to Company Standards.

Job Requirements

  • Open the doors to the hotel and your car, and welcome anyone entering or leaving.
  • Flowers, gifts, and greetings are delivery to guestrooms.
  • Assist visitors with loading and unloading carts and cars, as well as marking, storing, and retrieving luggage.
  • Use radios to effectively and professionally communicate with hotel staff.
  • Deliver messages to conference rooms.
    Transport visitors to and from the airport as well as on other predetermined journeys while ensuring their safety.
  • Upon request, accompany visitors to their rooms.
  • Keep a list of the places to find local transportation information, churches, and sporting events, among other things.
  • Give information, directions, and maps as needed.
  • Maintain the gas, oil, and cleanliness of the hotel van’s interior and exterior; completed daily van reports; and alerted management to any problems.
  • Security should be notified.
  • Help with room modifications.


Frequently Asked Question

The starting salary of a driver is $105,250.92 per year, and the highest level of seniority earns $121,677.81 per year. This may change due to location.


After passing the theory exam, schedule your lessons. If you’ve never driven before, you’ll need to finish 22 hours of lessons at 13.26 an hour in order to take the final test. The test costs 26.53 per time.  Once you pass the test, it will cost you an additional 53.05 to have your new license printed.

  • Copies of your passports.
  • CPR (Bahraini identity document)
  • Your national driver’s license.
  • 2 passport photos
  • 35BD (USD) to 40BD (USD)
  • Get your Application at the Traffic Directorate


Can I drive in Dubai with my Bahraini license?

If you plan a trip to Dubai from these Asian countries, you will be able to drive your dream car without any restrictions. These countries are Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Korea Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey can be used in Dubai.






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