Difficulties in Series B place the future of Carlos Brasil in Berlin

A faltering campaign in Series B leaves the future of Carlos Brazil not Vasco uncertain. The manager, who heads the football team at the end of the transfer of the department to SAF, still does not know if he will improve for the next season.

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Since the beginning of two transition jobs, in March, they have been kept in contact with the professionals of 777 Partners. The group left for the decision to keep him in the same sector after the resignation of Paulo Bracks to be the director of football for the company. It was a concern of 777 mexer or less possível not functioning of the sector in this first moment.

Next to the president Jorge Salgado, Brasil Faith is responsible for some of the main decisions taken throughout the season, such as the assembly of the cast for Série B and the selections of technical commissions. Maurício Souza’s vinda was a gamble by the manager and it ended up not paying off, as the coach was dismissed after eight games. A hiring of Jorginho, current coach of the time, has left Bracks.

Currently, Cruz-Maltino is in fourth place in the standings, seven rides from the end of the competition. Enquanto o Cruzeiro is already mathematically classified for Série A e Bahia e Grêmio possuem chances at home two 90%, o Vasco runs or risk to be tied in points like o Londrina, fifth placed, case o paranaense wins a game against Ponte Preta , sixth-feira.

Or wear of Carlos Brasil with a crooked growth in recent weeks, as a director blocking Basques in social networks. When managing the basic categories of Vasco, between 2018 and 2021, he enjoyed prestige and television or work and was endorsed both by torcedores and by Basque directors. Not at all that, after changing the cross-maltino for Corinthians, he received an invitation from Jorge Salgado to return and work as a professional soccer player.

Procured through the evaluation to evaluate the work of Carlos Brazil, Paulo Bracks did not position himself. Caberá was chosen as general director of SAF, Luiz Mello, by decision of man or manager or not at the end of the season.

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