“Double penalty” for the player

Paul Rouget, Media365: Posted Friday, September 23, 2022 at 3:26 PM

While Aminata Diallo has been released but remains under judicial supervision in the case of her violent attack, Kheira Hamraoui returns to the “ordeal” she has lived through for ten months.

She is still in shock. More than ten months after her violent attack with an iron bar, Kheira Hamraoui spoke about the latest developments in this dark businesswhile his former Parisian teammate Aminata Diallo, arrested at her home last week and remanded in custody in the process, was released on wednesday, but remains under judicial control, she is accused of “conspiracy to commit a crime” and “aggravated violence”. After being breaking the silence on social mediaHamraoui, still under contract with PSG, who just reincorporated herentrusted in more detail to the BFM TV antenna.

In particular, she says that she is the victim of a “media cabal” that made her go “from victim to guilty overnight”, when her privacy had been exposed, and flouted, on social networks, and that several of her colleagues at PSG have taken up Diallo’s cause in this matter. “Do not forget that I was beaten with iron bars by hooded men and, a week later, they made me look like the culprit.. When we move forward, we tell ourselves that there are things that are not clear and that is what I wanted to understand, ”he explained first.

“I’ve been living a nightmare for ten months”

The 32-year-old midfielder also says to herself “a little shocked by everything that is happening around this matter (…). Today I do not realize what is happening.” Because it’s quite scary and, at the same time, it hurts. I have lived a martyrdom for ten months and I always said that I trusted justice. I trusted the researchers a lot and I thank them for their extraordinary work during these long months of research. I needed to be enlightened in this case. It was important to me and my family.”

Very disappointed to see that her number (14) has been assigned to another player (Jackie Groenen) by PSG, she believes she is suffering “a double ban” after initially being expelled by her club. “I think that today, with the experience and the trajectory that I have, I still deserve a little respect from everyone and mainly from my club.“, he concludes.

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