Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies in Canada

10 Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies in Canada 2023- Apply Now

Due to the rise in Tech and crypto in 2022. Farm workers have become scarce, especially in Canada. Many farmworkers abandoned their various farms to venture into Tech. This has drastically increased the search for farm workers in Canada in 2023. Do you want to become a farm worker in Canada? After reading this article you will know the agencies to apply for farm worker jobs in Canada and get employed.


What do Farm workers do in Canada?

A farm worker in Canada is responsible for performing Mini farm jobs like planting, harvesting, feeding, and caring for animals, as well as maintaining farm equipment and facilities. The duration depends on the type of farm work you do. Some workers work long hours, especially during peak seasons, and may be required to lift heavy loads, operate machinery, and work outdoors in various weather conditions.


Minimum Qualifications 

If you wish to start working in Canada, the minimum required education qualification is a high school diploma or equivalent for this job, and on-the-job training is provided. It is important to note that there may be other qualifications needed based on the kind of job you are applying for.


Top 10 Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies


Agrirecruiting specializes in recruiting for the Agribusiness industry. They also provide HR services, provide Help wanted job boards, agribusiness recruitment, and a free-agent program.

Contact info


Telephone: 519-872-9796



2. Canadian Job Bank

Canadian Job Bank is an employment service, and they provide the leading source of jobs and labor market information including farm worker jobs in the country.


Telephone: +1 (716) 493-2329



3.  Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment

The company offers recruitment services to find and pre-screen experienced agricultural workers as well as various immigration services to help employers hire foreign workers and secure Canadian permanent residency.


Telephone: 1-866-952-9604

Email: Warren:   Sara:


4. GreenTech Resources

GreenTech Resources, based in Saskatchewan, is one of the most established foreign worker recruitment agencies and immigration consultants in Canada, assisting numerous individuals to have a smooth and trouble-free immigration process for farm-related work.


Telephone: +1855-477-9797



The company started off as a realty firm before integrating recruitment. They focus on the details, the history, and, most importantly, the people who live in our buildings and work for us. We care about our neighborhood.


Telephone: (613) 507-9090


6. Agricultural Labour Pool

This is a recruiting agro base company focused on helping farms get laouraers frim around the world,


Telephone: +1 604-823-6222

Email: Unknown


7. Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services

Global Hire is a licensed staffing agency established in 2006. They are focused on local, national and international recruitment for employers in Canada, Wiith numeerous affiliations around the world they amomg the best seek farm jobs this year.


Telephone: +1 780-439-3651, 1-855-624-7231



8. Growmore Workforce

Growmore Workforce Inc. is a staffing solution agency that serves many businesses from across Canada. they guarantee high-profile clients that we will provide a competitively priced, and qualified work for applicants.



Telephone: +1 778-531-4000



9. AppleOne 

AppleOne has one firm belief. We have faith in people. They have indeed been connecting the best people, their talents, skills, career goals, and aspirations, with the best companies since 1964.


Telephone: +1 905-339-3333

Email: Unknown


10. AG Network Inc

The Agricultural Recruitment firm has been in existence for over 24 years. The fonder Steve Peddie has focused on Agricultural Talent Scout which has led to the emplyment of many workers internationally.


Telephone: (403) 270-9755




Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get farm work in Canada?

To get farm work job in canada, Apply for on recruitment portals including your qualifications and experience. After comfirmation email, Process your visa to canada and resume work immedialty.


What is the age limit for Farm worker in Canada?

According to Canada Recruitment agency, their are no specific Age limit, Experience level and educational qaulifications needed to become a farm worker in the country. Note that this may vary from one farm to another.


Can I immigrate to Canada to farm?

Yes! There is an increase in the hiunt for farm workers in canada for foreigners who are willing and strong enough to work on both livestock and crop farms.


There are no specified period for farm workers to stay in canada. It deoends on the nature of your visa, Job terms and performance in the place you work.



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