How Much is a 10k Follower Facebook page

How to Buy a Facebook Page Using Escrow – Safe Method

Just like we promised in our previous post where we talked about securing a Facebook page after purchase. We will be unveiling the safest way to buy a Facebook page without getting scammed.


Losing money online can be heartbreaking especially when it’s lost in a transaction. I have seen a lot of people complaining about being scammed after buying a Facebook page.


Things to Check before buying a Facebook page

There are a lot of factors that may trigger anyone to sell a page that is such as financial instability. However, before you buy a page below are factors that determines the worth and price.

  • Age of the page
  • Page Heath
  • Number of followers
  • Page activeness
  • Monetization
  • Audience

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How to buy A Facebook Page Using Escrow

To avoid losing your money in the process of buying a page, I have carefully explained the safe way to purcahase a page without being scammed.

Decide the kind of Page you want to buy

What’s your budget? This is the first thing you should determine. You can carefully evaluate page worth and selling price on Quora and FB groups and flipmsg to determine page worth.


2. Get a Preferred Page

Another step to take is getting a page that Meets your demand. You can check different platforms to get prospective Facebook page sellers. Personally, I buy pages on Facebook through my numerous vendors. You can also buy pages on websites like or etc.


Contact Escrow

An escrow is a middleman who stands between a buyer and a seller. Escrow Oversees a deal to prevent scamming between the two parties. Before proceeding with a deal with an escrow, the escrow must have

  • Be Trustworthy.
  • Tested and Trusted
  • Have a good reputation
  • Should have over-seen other deals
  • Have a physical location.

I’m going to show you how to use an escrow when for a page deal.


Step 1. Create a three-man Facebook group chat consisting of yourself, The seller, and the buyer.

Step 2. Explain the conditions and agreed on price between the buyer and yourself to the Escrow.


Step 3. Send Money to the escrow, Once escrow confirms the alert, the buyer will give you access to the page you are buying.


Step 4 – Carefully check the page to confirm if it meets your expectation. The things you should look out for is Page Quality, Activeness, monetization status, and page history.


Step 5. If the page meets your expectation, go ahead and secure it properly, to secure the page; refer to this article 8 Ways to Secure a Facebook Page You bought from Someone.


Step 6. Approve Payment, Once you are sure you have total control of the page, ask the escrow to pay the seller.

Note – Escrow fee is always involved in any transaction involving an escrow. This is How to Buy a Facebook Page Using Escrow.


How Much is a 10k Follower Facebook page

A monetized 10k follower page can be sold for around $300, and a Monetized Active Facebook page is sold for around $40 Dollars. Generally, the price of a page also depends on the niche and Audience.






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