3 Methods to Monetize Facebook page in an Ineligible Country – Complete Guide

Is it possible to monetize my Facebook page in an ineligible Country? Yes, it’s very possible to monetize your page regardless of your current location and country of residence.

This has been an issue for content creators who are eager to start making money from the content and videos they share on their Facebook pages. Passive income is a very important factor in the world especially when its secured via the internet. In this article, we will be discussing

  • Criteria for Facebook page monetization
  • Facebook Monetization Requirements 2023
  • How to check Page eligibility
  • Methods to monetize a page in an In-eligible country
  • The PROs and CONs of each method
  • Available Monetizable Tools D Requirements


It’s essential to know that being a citizen of an ineligible country doesn’t mean you can’t monetize your Facebook account or page.

However, if your country is among the ineligible countries; that becomes a little barrier to monetization; In a nutshell, “It’s possible to monetize a Facebook page from an ineligible country” provided you do the right thing.

With that being said? Let’s proceed to the actions needed before you can monetize your Facebook page regardless of your location. Facebook page Monetization is realizable only if you follow the procedures I will share in this article.


If we examine the countries that are eligible for monetization, which is widely dominated by European and South American countries, it can be observed that only one African country is eligible for monetization, in our next post we are going to list all the countries that are eligible for monetization globally.

Moving forward to our discussion; how can we monetize our Facebook page in an ineligible country? It’s possible to do this in a very simple way but you have to meet the Facebook monetization criteria listed by Facebook which are;

  • 1. Publish Videos on your page.
  • 2. Meet their monetization criteria.
  • 3. Meet their Eligibility requirements for on-demand m Live Video.
  • 4. Have 10,000-page Followers.
  • 5. Be in an Available country and language.


In our successive articles, we are going to explain each of the listed criteria in detail, for you to have a better and clear idea of how to meet the individual criteria faster without violations.

Note – You can’t apply for monetization unless you meet the above criteria without violation. Now that you know the criteria, let’s assume you have met all the criteria listed above, Here are some of the ways you can check if your account or page is actually qualified for Facebook monetization before applying.


How to check Facebook monetization Status

how to check facebook monetization eligibility
how to check facebook monetization eligibility

Before I drop the link to check your Facebook monetization eligibility, let me run you through the 2 main monetizations available on Facebook (Facebook creator Studio).

* In-stream ads Eligibility – This refers to your video watch hour. This can be achieved by real-time and Returning viewers on your videos.

* Fans Subscription Eligibility – This refers to your total followers, metrics of their accumulation, and your page Growth.

* Branded Content Access and Policies – This section refers to the originality of your content, your videos and content must belong to you.

You can check your eligibility here.


Why you should check your Eligibility status before applying for monetization

1. Violations – You can meet all the monetization requirements and still be flagged for violations. Once this happens rest assured that you may never be eligible to monetize your page forever unless an appeal is submitted to Facebook to review their action.

2. Disabling of Monetization tools on some of your articles – If some of your content violates Facebook guidelines and policy, it will likely be demonetized by Facebook. Multiple content violations may lead to disabling of your account which will lead to the loss of your personal account. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that to happen that is the sole reason why I’m writing this article in detail. Maybe I will talk about this section in an article where I will highlight how to avoid being flagged for violations.



3 Methods you can use to monetize facebook your page in an ineligible country

how to monetize a facebook page in a country that is ineligible

The sole aim of any content creator is to make money, Mark Zuckerberg’s debut social media network and leading social media platform Facebook garners over 6 million videos daily. The latest introduction of reels as a means of making money on Facebook has further made the platform a run-to for social media Creators. The nut to crack is “how do I monetize my Facebook page? In these methods below, I will show practical steps for monetizing your Facebook page.


1st Method – Using VPN for page Monetization

What is VPN? those who have been on the internet space for a while know the work of a VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is used to change the Internet protocol address (IP address) of a user. This Software enables you to change your location to another country by hiding your location on the net. With VPN you can easily swap your location from your current location to another with ease. We will explain the procedures in doing this for you. Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

PROS of Using VPN for Monetization

  • Easy – Once a VPN is active on your device you can apply for Monetization by swapping locations.
  • Less Expensive compared to other methods
  • Fast – This procedure is faster.
  • Can be done From your home



Cons of Using VPN for Monetization

1. Risk of being demonetized – Once you log in to your account without Turning your VPN on, you are likely to be demonetized if Facebook discovers your real IP address. If you opt-out to use this method, these are the Top 10 VPN apps to use.

  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • ProtonVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • IPVanish
  • TorGuard
  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot Shield



Steps to Monetize a Facebook page Using VPN Method

Step 1. Log in to your preferred VPN

Step 2. Get a new Device (Optional but preferable)

Step 3. Turn on your VPN to a country that is eligible for Monetization.

Step 4. Create a new Facebook account using that country’s details.

Step 5. Make the new account an admin on your page;

Step 6. Go to Facebook creator studio.

Step 7. On the top left corner of your Pc screen, click on Monetization.

Step 8. Check page Eligibility

Step 9. Complete setup and submit.



2nd Method: Giving A Trusted Close Relative Admin Access to your page.

Another verified means of monetizing your Facebook page is by giving a family member or a friend in an eligible country admin access to your page. Since Facebook has announced the eligible countries for monetization. If you have a trusted fellow in those countries, All you have to do is give the person admin access to your Facebook page. That will make them an associate owner of the page as well as make your page eligible.


1. Lesser risk of Demonetization.

2. Less Stressful



1. High risk of being kicked out of your page – it is very important to trust whosoever you are giving access to your page. Since they have the same power as you, they can easily remove you from the page.


3rd Method – Paying an Agency / Online personality to monetize your Facebook page.

If the above options are not realizable, you can opt-out to pay trusted agencies to monetize your page for you. I will recommend MC Mbakara for Africans. There are agencies and influencers who offer this service for a token with a guarantee. Contact them, pay, and get monetized immediately.

This method has more security than the 2 methods mentioned above because of the official agreement involved.


How many views and followers is Required for one to get paid on Facebook?

Embedded on Facebook are many tools that enable creators to make money on the platform. Meeting Facebook monetization criteria can be very difficult even though the steps of monetization are simple. Let’s break the available tools down for a clear understanding.



Facebook has made it possible for users to use the subscription method to release exclusive content to their Facebook subscribers alone. Users are required to pay a fixed payment per month. For creators to qualify for this program you need

  • A Facebook page.
  • At least 10,000 followers + 250 returning viewers.
  • Reside in an eligible country.
  • Either 180,000 watch hours in the Last 3 months or 50,000.



Facebook Reels are easy to monetize, it shares similar monetization criteria with in-stream ads, and creators can start earning money from their reels provided they meet Facebook content monetization criteria.

Reels can be served in the form of

Sticker ads – this form is ads can be placed both before, after, or on the reels themselves.

Banner Ads – This is a mobile ads format that appears at the bottom of the screen immediately reel finishes.

Post-loop-embedded Ads – This form of ad appears randomly on the video.


Brand Collaboration

Top brands in your niche can decide to collaborate with you based on the reliance on your content thereby empowering you to earn through your content.

  • To qualify for this brand collabs, you must
  • Have a Facebook page
  • Either 15,000 post engagements or 30,000 views of three-minutes videos or 180,000 views.



Can I Monetize a Facebook page with 10,000 Followers?

If your 10,000 followers page meets facebook monetization policy it can be monetized provided other criteria like watch hour and returning viewers are met.


Can I monetize my facebook of 1,000 followers?

Yes, With Brand Collaboration, Creators can monetize their 1k followers.







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