How to Remove Link from your Facebook Reels

How to Remove Link from your Facebook Reels | 5 Easy Steps with Photos

Using Facebook reels to market your business Is free and easy to do. Are you looking to add or remove links from your FB reels? In this article, we will walk you through how to remove link from your Facebook reels.

Facebook reels are a short form of video that is taking over every other form of video online. This short format of video was first introduced by meta on Instagram before it was brought to Facebook due to the high demand my users.

Since the launch, Reels have proven to be a powerful resource since its introduction that has further improved its relevance and usage but most users are still finding it hard to utilize them properly. This Post will walk you through the best ways to control your reels.


How do I see Reels on Facebook

Unlike other platforms, you can only see Facebook reels on your timeline or feed. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram display on individual pages but Facebook Reels can only be seen on your feed. This gives Facebook the power to control reels. Below is a quick guide on how to input and make your reels in seconds.


How to Add reels on Facebook

Note – You can only add reels on Facebook reels with Facebook’s original app.

  1. Go to your feed
  2. Locate Reels Section
  3. Click on it
  4. Add your reels
  5. And post
  6.  For pages, follow the same procedure listed above.


How to add Links on your Facebook reels

Step 1 – Login to your Facebook account

The first step to take if you want to upload a video, image, or write-up on Facebook is to log in to your account. This certainly means that you need a Facebook account to post reels.


Step 2 – Locate the Reels Section on your feed

Once you are logged into your Facebook account, the next thing to do is to locate the reels section. To do this, click your home icon at the top right corner of your Facebook screen. Scroll down to the make post section and click on reels.

locate the reels section


Step 3 – Click Reels and add your video

Tap the reels button on your screen, it will automatically show you reels by other users with a button to add yours. Click the add button, select your preferred video, and upload.


Step 4 – Add your link in the text/writeup section.

Immediately after your post uploads, edit your writeup as you desire, you can add text on the screen or use a song as background audio if necessary. After editing click next, This is where you can add your link after your caption. Refer to the image below.

add link to your facebook reels


Step 5 – Publish your video

Once you have finished your write-up, you can go ahead and hit the publish button. Your reels will be published with your link on it which in return we generate traffic to your link free of charge.


How to Remove Link from your Facebook Reels

There are a lot of reasons why one may want to remove a link he or she added to their reels. This feature has proven to be a headache to Facebook users as they find it so difficult to do. After careful research and experiment, we have discussed that this can’t be done ordinarily. Below are the editing features and how you can approach this Case.

How to Remove Link from your Facebook Reels

Did you post a link you no longer want on your reels? If yes; The only way to remove the link is by deleting the reels themselves.

In some cases, you may want to turn off commenting on your reels if you are getting bad feedback in your comment section.



Can I schedule a Facebook Reels

Yes, To schedule your reels, you need to use your original Facebook app or pc, this feature is not available on FB lite. You can schedule your post after uploading your video from your gallery.


Can you put links in reels?

A proven way to connect with your audience is by being active across social media platforms. Meta has made it possible for users to add links on their reels. You can now add links to your reels by following the above steps.


Can you share Reels to Facebook

Absolutely! All you need to do is link your Instagram account to your Facebook account or page. Once this is done you can share your reels to Facebook with ease and get views. In a successive article, we will share strategies to get views on your reels.


Can I unlink Facebook Reels

unfortunately reels cant be unlinks but can be edited, There are other things you can edit on your reels eg. Comments, and audio.


Got questions? You are a Single ask from getting your answers.








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