how to secure a facebook page you bought

8 Ways to Secure a Facebook Page You bought from Someone

Buying an active Facebook page can give your business publicity. Often times securing pages after buying them can save the buyer the danger of being hacked by the seller but it requires technicality to secure a facebook page you bought.

Some sellers may remain on the page they sell to you only to recover it after you pay them. After reading this article you will know the procedures to completely secure a Facebook page.


Why should you secure your page?

If you want to get a page for your business you are probably asking yourself “Can I buy a Facebook page”. Of course you can. Securing your page gives you total control over it. The seller will have no access to the page after handing it over to you.

When you take over a page, only you can manage and post on the page.

No one can publish on the page except you and your admins and moderators. In case you don’t know how to buy a page; We made a post on how to buy a page without getting scammed. Read it for a clear understanding.

  • Bargain the price
  • Access the page
  • Know the history and health
  • Us an escrow
  • Then secure the facebook page you bought.

Have you purchased your page? This is a guide step to secure it.


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How to secure a Facebook page after buying It

If you don’t secure your Facebook page properly after purchase; you may probably lose it when the owner kicks you out of the page and receives payment. Do these to keep your page secure and unhackable.


1. Add the Page to your Facebook business account

This is the first thing I do when I’m buying a page. Since I have a Facebook business account; I immediately add it to my business account for security purposes.

The benefit of doing this is to have full control of your page. Check this article on how to add a Facebook page to your business account.

If you are unable to add the page to your business account, ask the seller to remove it from their business account.

Note – A FB page cannot be on two different business accounts, that is why it should be in yours, not the seller’s Facebook business account. Once this is done be rest assured that the chances of the seller hacking it is almost zero percent but that’s not all you need to do.


2. Block the Seller from the page

Once you have been made a full admin of any page you bought, Endeavor to block the seller from the page. This sounds harsh but it’s the safest way to prevent the seller from hijacking the page. Go to the page followers, locate the seller’s account and block it.

how to secure a facebook page you bought


3. Remove Previous Admins

Admins control the activities on a Facebook page after you have been made the admin of any page. Go ahead and remove the Admins from the page.

Preferably ask the seller to remove his account from the page admin list. Recheck if you are the only admin before completing the deal. You can add your preferred admins to the page. Go to settings + Page Access.

remove previous admins


4. Add your Business Email

If your page gets locked by Facebook. You will surely need the linked email to recover it therefore, you need to link your personal email. Another important thing is, your email is the primary means of monitoring what is happening on your page as well as getting reports from Facebook itself. The email address helps users contact you personally.


5. Change the Phone Number

If there’s a phone number linked to the page remove it and add yours. Your followers may decide to reach you via calls. Your phone number should be that of your business or your WhatsApp line.

They will probably call your seller if their number is still linked to the page. To do this follow the procedure below.

secure a Facebook Page You bought


6. Add Another Admin

To fully secure a Facebook page you bought add a co-admin. This strategy is top-notch. In a situation where your Facebook account gets disabled by Facebook, you will still have access to the page if you have another account as admin on the page. You may decide to create a new account or add your siblings or trusted friends as Admins too.


7. Turn on Double Authentication on your Facebook Account.

Securing your Facebook account is equivalent to securing your Facebook page because once your account has been compromised, your page will be lost. Turn on double authentication on your account and select your preferred way to secure your account.

turn double authentification



8. Check Your Page for Policy Compliance

You can lose your page if the content goes against Facebook policy. Therefore, endeavor to check all the posts and filter the choice of words used, images, and videos to prevent Facebook from unpublishing your Page.

check for policy compliance

The above procedures The above procedures will guarantee the safety of your Facebook page will guarantee the safety of your Facebook page


Can I buy a Facebook Page?

Yes, buying a page is legal provided you see a buyer and a page you would love to buy. The only complication is the process of securing the account and accessing the health of the account.


Can a Facebook page be Hacked?

It is possible to hack a Facebook page. If someone gains access to your Facebook account, they will automatically gain access to your page and group. Furthermore, an admin of your page can kick you out of your page too.


Can I Recover a Hacked Facebook page?

Recovering a hacked Facebook is possible. All you need to do is send Facebook a message stating your issues for them. However, you need to be the creator and head admin of the page to recover it faster.









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