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Losing your Facebook page without warning from Facebook can be worrisome. Amid the multiple policies by Meta on its various platforms, the big question by users is  “How do I stop Facebook from unpublishing my page?

3 years ago, my page of over 50k followers was unpublished by FB without a warning, strike, or violation.

I tried recovering it for months but it proved abortive. Since that incident happened, I have grown over 50 active pages which have enabled me to study algorithms.


The most exciting part of my story is that I have never lost any of my new pages after the first incident.

I have been able to monetize some of pages using this Facebook monetization guide.

Detailed in this article is the proven things and strategies to prevent Facebook from disabling your page.



How to stop Facebook from unpublishing my page

It’s actually difficult to ascertain the metrics Facebook uses to control page activities. But as a pro, I have carefully studied algorithms and come up with a formula that has been working for me. Check them out.


1. Adhere to Facebook Policy

One of the most common reasons that will make FB to unpublish your page is Going against their policy. On their official website, you can find the list of policies. This includes posting things that is below Facebook community standards. Read Facebook policy here.


2. Avoid Using Hate Speech

As ordinary as it seems, your page may be unpublished if you use abusive words on a fellow user. Instead, it’s always advisable to report to Facebook if anyone uses abusive words on you instead of going ahead to retaliate. In a bid to bridge intimidation, Meta doesn’t take things lightly with offenders of hate speech.


2. Don’t Threaten Other Users.

Regardless of your reputation, Religion, financial capability and background; threats are red flags on Facebook. Once FB detects a threat by any user, automatically your page is at risk of being unpublished alongside your Facebook account.


3. Comply with Facebook Graphic Violence Policy.

Social media is the home of both Children, Teenagers and Adults therefore; the graphics or contents on the App should be ready for everyone to consume. Using n*de and N*cked images or videos will make Facebook unpublish your page. Refer to their official website for more insight about this. Every Photo or video you post should be decent and community compliant.


4. Avoid Impersonation

Claiming to be another person can land you into trouble, it may even take you to prison. Various social media platforms try as much as possible to minimize the rate of impersonation on the internet. If your are guilty of impersonation, your page may be unpublished on Facebook.


5. Don’t misuse some Facebook Tools

One very important thing I noticed on FB is that there is a certain limit to the activities you can perform on your page. For example; using the share button multiple times on your page may lead to page unpublishing.


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6. Don’t Post Spammy links

Often times users lose their accounts by simply clicking on links from pages and groups. Facebook has crafted a monitoring AI to monitor toxic links. If you want to save your page from being lost, don’t post Spammy links from dangerous websites.


7. Don’t Mislead your Followers

Sharing false information on your Facebook page/account attracts penalties. Once Meta notices that you are misleading the public by posting false information on your timeline. Your page stands a chance of being unpublished.


8. Avoid False Accusations

Facebook protects everyone irrespective of their status. Using your platform to dent someone’s image can attract punishments. In some cases, someone may report you to Facebook if you accuse them. Which in return may cost dearly.

These are the basic things required to prevent Facebook from unpublishing your Page, if you follow the rules above, be rest assured that your Facebook page will not be unpublished.


Can I Recover an Unpublished Facebook page

Not all pages can be recovered but If your Facebook page was unpublished, you can recover it by simply contacting Meta support team. Although in some cases you can recover by hitting the publish button.


What should I do if my page is at risk of being Unpublished

A Page with numerous violations is at risk of being unpublished. To prevent Facebook form unpublishing your Page, follow Facebook policy as listed above.


Can I unpublish my Facebook Page

If you want to remove your page on Facebook; it can be done by going to page settings, and click on the unpublish button. After 2 weeks; your page will be deactivated.


Why does my Facebook page keep unpublishing Itself

This happens when you violate or go against Facebook policy. They may turn off your comment/share button or put your page on temporary restriction or unpublish your page for weeks.







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