Is it Better to Have a Facebook Profile or Page

Is it Better to Have a Facebook Profile or Page? – 7 Things to Know

The two options for users on Facebook who aspire to push their brand on the social media platform. Someone asked me recently “Is it better to have a Facebook profile or page? The truth is; Projecting your business on Facebook can give your business quick popularity and publicity with little or no money spent.

In a nutshell, A Facebook profile is for personal use while FB page is for business.

In this article, we will try to answer as many questions as possible that users ask about Facebook page and profile alongside their difference and similarities Including how to create an optimized Facebook page.


Is it Better to have a Facebook profile or page?

Asking this question might look embarrassing especially when it comes from a professional but that shouldn’t be!

To succeed in your business you need basic knowledge especially when it’s related to social media. A platform like Facebook requires good technical ability to utilize it properly. Let’s look at the Two entities technically.


Basic Explanation of Facebook Profile and page

Facebook profile – This is the basis of Facebook, For you to start using Facebook you need to create your own personal profile. Note that you have the freedom to choose any name of your choice provided it’s okay with you. To do this all you need is

  • A preferred name.
  • A working phone number.
  • Email (optional).
  • Your personal information.


Facebook Page – This represents a business. For instance; if I own a bread bakery, it’s necessary to create a page for my business. This will make my business professional to my customers. To open a page you will need

  • A functional FB profile.
  • A brand business name.
  • A business details.


Major Difference between Facebook page and profile

As we explained above, your profile represents you while your page represents your business. With Profile, you can be able to share your interest, photos, and videos, chat with your friends, and play games which is not the same on pages. However for others to become your friend they are required to send a request, unless you accept their request, you can’t become friends with them. With a Page, they can easily follow you by hitting the like/follow button. Also, for you to create a page, you need a FB profile.


Why Should I Create a Facebook page for my business?

If you only want to share your photos, videos, and Lifestyle on Facebook, then a Facebook profile is okay to do that but if you desire to give your business an online presence then a page is necessary, let’s look at the 7 advantages of a page over a profile.

  1. Professionalism –  considering the daily population on FB; Brands like Amazon have a Facebook page. This is because pages allow companies to market their products to the public.
  2. Reach – From my experience Facebook pages have unlimited reach. Profile revolves around your location while pages target both local and international audiences.
  3. Multiple Management – A Facebook page can be managed by an unlimited number of people, unlike a profile that only you can manage. As a business person, you may decide to assign an employee to manage your business page.
  4. Insights – Facebook pages give you the statistics of almost all activities including; Engagements, reach, reactions, likes, and Page views which are not available on a personal profile.
  5. Availability of CTA – Adding a button enables you to direct your followers to your desired website or destination. You can easily drive traffic to your page by adding a link to your button. This feature is not available on Facebook profiles.
  6. Monetization – There are a lot of tools on Facebook page that can enable you to earn money, unlike personal profiles. To check if your Page is eligible to earn money you can check this article On how to monetize a Facebook page.
  7. Control – Only admin posts will appear on your page timeline, unlike profiles where people’s posts can appear on your timeline when you are tagged although this can be stopped manually.


Now that you understand the major difference between a profile and a page.

You can choose the one that is suitable for you. If you decide to create a page here is a procedure to create a Facebook page. However, if you already have a page, we wrote a helpful article How to Revive an Inactive Facebook Page – 10 Strategic Ways  Use it to revive your article.


How to create an Optimized Facebook page with a Phone 

Setting up a Facebook page is free and simple. The steps below will guide you as you set up your page.


1. Log in to your Personal profile

The first step in creating a page is accessing your personal Facebook profile.

If you are yet to get a profile, signup via or download the official App on Playstore or Apple store and follow the steps. After installation open an account and log in to your account.

Is it Better to Have a Facebook Profile or Page
login your Facebook account


2. Locate Create Page Button

Once you are logged in, You can now start creating your page. Simply go to liked pages at the top right as shown in the screenshot above. Click on the like page or pages button.

Navigate to the create page tab on your screen and click on it.

how to locate the create a page button
locate the create page button

create page button on facebook


3. Input your page Information

Here you are required to fill in your preferred page name and select the category of your page. Fill in the full description of your page in less than 255 words and click on create a page.

Adding a new page name while creating a facebook page
Add name

choose category



4. Upload Images

After creating your page; add your profile picture and cover photo. Endeavor to choose the right images that represent your business. Here you should have in mind that the photos on your display profile represent your company therefore you should take time to create and choose the right image.

Choose Profile and cover  photo
Upload photos


5. Add a button

Once your page is up and running, Add a button to your page, this will enable your customers to reach you easily by simply clicking your button. This is an easy way to get leads from your page. If your business has a website or an official WhatsApp number, you can add it here.

add a button
Add a button
Select the right button
select the right button


6. Link your Email and Mobile Number (Optional)

Input your official company email address and a working mobile number. You may decide to leave this option but it’s highly advisable for better optimization.

Link emails and phone numbers
Select Category


7. Start Posting your page

Once your page is complete, you can start posting on your page as well as start inviting friends to like your page. Below are some answers to questions that will help you make the right choice.


Is Facebook page free?

Just like a profile and group, Creating a Facebook page is completely free of charge. The only requirement to create a Facebook page is that you must have a Facebook profile. FB is a free social media platform where everyone can register and start exploring the world without restriction.


Can I Convert My Facebook Profile to Page?

With the introduction of The new Professional mode; Users can easily switch from their normal profile mode to a new interface that looks exactly like the new experience pages. However, it is possible to convert your Facebook profile to a page. For more information on how to do this, contact Facebook directly. 


Can many people Manage my facebooK Page








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