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Picker and Packer Jobs in Australia 2023 – Application Portal

If You want to start working as a Picker and Packer in Australia there are many many companies hiring now. Jobs by a local business are available; if you’re looking for work in Australia; all of the necessary details are provided below. To get detailed information on how to apply for this position and the reasons why you need it, just click the link provided below. It contains all the necessary information.


Information About Picker and Packer Jobs in Australia 2023

Warehouse Pick Packer/Storeperson

Company: Peter Warren Automotive Holdings (Warwick Farm NSW 2170)

Peter Warren Group ranks among the biggest multi-franchise automotive dealer groups in Australia. Since its establishment in 1958, the company has grown throughout South East Queensland, Victoria, the North Shore, Regional NSW, and NSW. Among the services offered by the company are facets of vehicle ownership with some of the best car brands in the world. With more than 2,000 employees spread out across NSW, VIC, and QLD.


  1. Taking pride in their work; prepared to “go the extra step”
  2. Your communication skills are excellent.
  3. You should be open-minded and eager to learn.
  4. Dedicated to achieving success.



  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Discount on Samsung products
  • Growth training opportunities provided
  •  Workers experience quick societal growth.
  • Supportive feedback and guidance for workers’ success.



  • workers will Pick and package parts for internal and external customers
  • Must be hardworking and vigilant.


Pick Packer (New Products)

Job Info – Competing as Australia’s leading fresh food supply chain company is Premier Fresh Australia. Just with a single source of supply, Premier provides a wide range of fruit and vegetable categories to its domestic and international customers spreading internationally. It ranks among the top employee of picker and packer Jobs in Australia recruiter this month.

  • Premier Fresh Australia Epping.
  • Manufacturing, Transportation, and Logistics.
  • VIC Full-time Pickers and Packers Production.
  • Melbourne.



  • Follow the supervisor’s instructions regarding the protocols and procedures for food safety, health, and well-being.
  • To Win any customer’s heart a company needs to build a certain level of trust with such a customer. This can be achieved by quick delivery. Putting orders together retains customers including quality assurance, grading, pre-packaging, weighing, and assembly.
  • The company is structured in terms of Batch preparation, Product labeling, and precise receipt reception with precision, you are expected to fit in.
  • Follow the supervisor’s instructions regarding the protocols and procedures for food safety, health, and well-being.
  • Ability to become familiar with and use the required warehousing equipment.
    You need the following abilities to be successful in this role:
  • You should be Adaptable to early morning shifts (6 am start).


Experience Level

  • Experience as a picker-packer?
  • Hardworking And Sincerity

Pick Packers Skill Hire

Job Description

Applicants should understand that retaining customers is the secret of any successful company. The process of assembling products and preparing them in accordance with appropriate protocols and customer requirements is what is required of any worker.

  • Knowledge of food product labeling.
  • Preparing and receiving Value-Added Batch (VAB).
  • As directed by the supervisor, follow the policies and procedures for health, safety, and well-being as well as food safety.
  • You should be able to pick up and use the required warehousing equipment properly
  • You must have the following abilities in order to succeed in this role:


Job Requirements

  •  usually onto an electric pallet.
  • Picking the required items and packing them onto a pallet with minimal adjustment.
  • RF Scanner Use knowledge.
  • Manual Handling and Lifting of loads.
  • Voice Picking via a headset – instructed what item, what location, and how many to pick.
  • Should be able to use Ride-on Pallet Jack.
  • Lastly the ability to work towards KPIs and Targets in a Fast-Paced Environment.



  1. You will work in Grocery & Perishables (Chiller/Freezer Section).
  2. Ability to work from work Monday to Friday 6.30 am to 3.00 pm.
  3. Previous work Experiences.
  4. You must Pass Medical and Drug and Alcohol Tests.

Average Salary – The average Yearly salary is $52,000 with a 6-month trial period.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is The Average Australian pick Packers Salary?

In Australia in 2023, a pick-packer makes an average of $55,000 per year. The annual salary for pick packers ranges from $50,000 for the lowest paid to more than $59,000 for the highest paid.


What companies are hiring for packer jobs in Australia

Theses are companies currently hiring picker-packer workers in Australia.

  • Peter Warren Automotive Holdings
  • IKEA
  • Smokemart & GiftBox
  • Blaze Staffing Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Adecco
  • Skill Hire
  • Premier Fresh


There are no fixed qualifications for pick-packer Jobs in Australia.



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