RBC future launch scholarship

How to Apply for RBC Future Launch scholarship 2023

Are you looking to become one of the lucky Applicants of the RBC Future Launch Scholarship? This detailed article will explain everything you need to know snout the prestigious Canada scheme by Royal Bank.
The winners will receive $1,500 CAD.


Information About the RBC Scholarship

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship is a program offered by the Royal Bank of Canada to assist students to pay for their college or university education in Canada. 

Canadian citizens or permanent residents are allowed to enroll in the scholarship program. In Addition, the main objective of the scholarship is to support undergraduates in developing the skills and experiences they need for success in their academic pursuits.


Regardless of whether you are indigent or Canada or not. Provided that you are a permanent resident in the country you are eligible to apply. Furthermore, the only thing you need to figure out is if you are qualified to be selected among the beneficiaries. Therefore intentional students and non-students are eligible provided they have permanent residence.


RBC Scholarship worth and Duration

Royal Bank of Canada 🍁 set up this program to assist the needy. Each year 20 scholarship students are selected.

Each student is entitled to 10,000 dollars per 4 years of their study. The field of study is broad for every applicant who falls within the age bracket.


Requirements for RBC Future Launch Scholarship 2023

To qualify for the RBC Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency
  2. Must be enrolled in a post-secondary education program in Canada
  3. You don’t need Grades and transcripts.
  4. Must be between the age of 15 to 25 years old.

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How to Apply for RBC Future Launch Scholarship

1. Check the eligibility requirements above.

2. Prepare all your documents.

3. to the official website and fill in your 

  • Name
  • Email Telephone
  • Address & City
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • Language
  • Submit your application

4. Submit the completed application before the deadline.

5.  Wait for the decision, successful applicants will be notified.

Note: The application process may change, check the official website for updates


Other features of the program

The Rbc Future Scholarship is not restricted to students alone, those without formal education are also considered fit to apply, As a non-academic applicant, provided that you are eligible you be trained in

  • Workshop
  • Short term courses
  • Working equipment etc 


RBC Future Launch Program scholarship Login

To participate in the ongoing scholarship program by Royal Bank you need to login to their official application portal by visiting their website or following this link.







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