Schools In Dubai And Qatar Hiring Foreign Teachers

Top Schools In Dubai And Qatar Hiring Foreign Teachers in 2023- Apply Now

The standard of education in Dubai and UAE is on the increase daily and that is a result of the Quality of teachers employed in the country Nationally and internationally. In this article, we will recall the list of schools in Dubai And Qatar Hiring Foreign Teachers in 2023. If you are passionate about education and follow the guidelines of basic teaching Guidelines. You are likely to be employed as a teacher in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Basic Information

Teachers are the root and engine of any developing country. That is why countries like UAE keep bringing new hands to their education system. If your dream is to relocate or start working as a teacher in the country; You should have in mind that there are some requirements that will qualify you as a credible teacher. A Bachelor’s Degree From An Accredited Institution in any subject you desire to teach is a deciding factor for those who want to be hired. However; you can still be employed as a teacher in UAE with your teaching experience. Read on for all the details you need to stand out among other applicants.


No, it’s not as hard as many people people think. Dubai is developing every day and more schools are been built which opens up more job opportunities for students.


How Much Are Teachers Paid In The UAE?

Education is one of the strongest and most important faculty in the world, this is why Western countries take teaching jobs very serious in terms o hiring teachers. We will be looking at teaching jobs In Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In These countries, the teachers are treated very well and paid handsomely. Teachers in these countries make at least 12,000 AED per month (AED 12,000 is equal to 3,267.08 USD) plus other Allowances.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, teachers also get incentives monthly. Are you looking at deploying your knowledge in teaching students in the UAE? this article is for you.


Benefits of Becoming a Teacher in the UAE?

Salary Bonus

The string of the UAE on their teachers is the incentives they give their teachers. As a teacher, I’m in the country you stand the chance to monthly allowances. A salary bonus is also provided by schools to their teachers.  To Provide new teachers with a conducive High starting salary bonus is paid to them.

Annual Return Flight

Teachers are given free return flights every year. This includes lodgings on lengthy vacations. This is a means of giving their teachers a global tour.


Insurance Coverage

Teachers are given Health, Life, Food insurance, and other important insurance policies to protect them. This policy covers both the teachers and the members of their families.


Which types of teachers are in High demand in 2023?

Among other subjects that are taught in UAE. The following subjects Math, physics, chemistry, Biology, and English teachers for nursery, primary, and secondary schools are in high demand in Dubai’s private and public international schools in 2023.


What Is The Minimum Age Limit For Teachers In UAE?

To become a teacher in UAE in 2023 you need to meet the age requirements in the country’s law. You need to have a Licence or teaching certificate from an internationally recognized body before you start teaching in the country.,In Dubai, teachers must be at least 21 years old. This os the minimum age bracket from kindergarten to tertiary level.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Teacher in Dubai?

To become a teacher in Dubai in 2023, You must possess an up-to-date teaching qualification, certificate, or license from your county or region in order to apply for teaching positions in Dubai. furthermore, you need a minimum of two years of teaching experience in the subject you are applying to teach. Also, check the age requirements of the subject level you want to teach.


If you don’t have a BEd, Yes it’s possible to get a job in the country but you will need to be prepared for a tougher teaching job search. Most schools prefer to employ a BEd holder over those without a certificate.

Do you need to speak Arabic to teach in Dubai?

No!, However speaking the language will help you have a more lively social life outside the classroom. Also, it will give you an edge over your fellow applicants. Some students who are not fluent in English can easily interact with you.


Top Private Schools In UAE Recruiting Foreign Teachers?

It will interest you to know that there are many schools in UAE that are in need of Foreign teachers each day. Especially, schools in the capital city of Dubai. Listed Below are some schools currently hiring teachers.

 Dubai British School (DBS)

Springs-based Dubai British School is an international school that teaches and provides a British education to students its students aged between three to eighteen years old and above. To apply for any of their numerous open positions.

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The International School Of Choueifat (ISC) – Dubai

The International School of Choueifat Dubai began in 1993 for students in grades kindergarten 1 through 6. Currently, the school has more than 4,000 students that are currently in Kindergarten classes through Grade 12.

It is a member of the Global SABIS Network, which came into existence in 1886 with the opening of its first school. The school is recruiting qualified teachers both locally and internationally.

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GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa

It’s important to note that the labor market is always different from the school environment. Graduates of GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa receive training to excel in an ever-changing world. They equip students with basic knowledge of the universe.
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 North American International School (NAIS)

North American International School Is A Caring school comprising of both local and international students. Each student aims to Achieve His Or Her Highest Level Of Success. They employ qualified teachers to do justice to their goal.

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Kings’ School Dubai

The Kings’ School family believes that a school is only as good as its faculty. With their British Curriculum. They hire only the best teachers and staff, primarily from the United Kingdom, but also from the best education providers around the world. You give them a trial.

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Collegiate American School (CAS)

The School is currently In its 12th year, Collegiate International School is a long-standing member of Innoventures Education’s portfolio of premium international schools. It’s an American IB World School With A Proven track History Of Success. They Provide Student-Focused, Inquiry-Based Learning For Grades Pre-KG To Grade 12. Recruitment is ongoing for The New Academic Year 2023-2024.

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Springdales School Dubai

This excellent private school’s reputation has been commendable with its high educational standards since its inception in 2012. It Offers Pre-K Through Grade 12, also both  Primary, And Secondary Schools are among the levels in the school.

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The English College Dubai

The English College, Dubai is an independent popular school in Dubai that follows the British Curriculum From FS1 To Year 13 with its high standard of discipline. It has Students from Over 75 Countries and counting which makes it a steady recruiter of teachers.

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The Winchester School – Jebel Ali

It is one of Dubai’s best schools, Winchester school teaches students the National Curriculum for England (NCFE). For Open Vacancies see more information.

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 The Apple International School

Apple International operates Without discrimination, they value diversity and accept students from all cultural and social backgrounds. Click Here for Jobs and Careers:

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Dubai Modern Education School

Any educational research institution’s value comes from its capacity to advance society. Dubai Modern Education School has remained consistent in producing intellectual students globally.

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Regent International School (RIS)

The National Curriculum of England is in consideration at the international Regent International School, The school has existed for 28 years and serves students in EYFS through Year 13. More Info Below

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 The Millennium School

The Millennium School is a unique school. They have a day boarding program that offers holistic development and cutting-edge facilities. Yearly Students of IQ graduate from the school.

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The Demand for English teachers in UAE is not too high. Rather it is average because there are many English-speaking teachers and residents in the country already.
Schools Provide their teachers with an Accommodation allowance to help pay off their rent. Although popular schools cover the whole accommodation of all their teachers.




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