Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

Top 15 Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA 2023 – Application Portals

Are you interested in working with a free sponsored visa in the US: Those living in the USA are steadily enjoying the fruits of their labor with respect to the amount they are paid. The country offers good pay to their workers based on hours worked. This is to reveal the top free Visa sponsorship jobs in USA. Due to their new companies launching in their country’s labor market; there is always an opening for new immigrants to come into the country and work.

It will also interest you to know that this company is ready to offer you a free visa to come into the country and work. However, you have to search for all the jobs in the United States that are willing to sponsor you to come work for them in the country. Below is the Basic information about free visa-sponsored jobs in the United States of America.


Basic information about free Visa Sponsored jobs in USA 2023

The deadline for this kind of job is in September 2023. This is to ensure that your application is received and processed earlier before the year runs out. Not that you can still exceed the deadline. The Visa type is H1 and H2 and the minimum qualifications requirements are not specified. Anyone can get into the country provided your documents are ready.


Who is Eligible to apply for this kind of Visa:

In as much as this kind of visa is made for almost everyone, there are basic things and documents needed for migrating to the USA. Make a basic inquiry to ascertain if your country is qualified to move to the USA.


What Documents do you Require for Visa Sponsorship in USA

To move to the USA with a free sponsorship visa. there are basic documents you need to provide to the appropriate agencies in your country and the USA agencies for a thorough check. Among the required documents are

  • Proof of sponsor’s residency status.
  • Affidavit of Support Form (Form I-134)
  • Tourist visa invitation letter.
  • Financial documents.
  • Tourist Visa Sponsor Lette


Which fields have High Demand:

Although; there are no accurate numbers but many fields need workers in areas like labor jobs, business, food, engineering, health, clerk jobs, finance, and others.


Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA
visa sponsorship Jobs in USA


Top companies offering Free visa sponsorship  in USA 2023

CVS Health Jobs:

CSV health is an American current leading firm in health. Health caregivers and other workers in diverse fields are been employed in the company. Navigate to their company to apply.

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Alphabet Jobs:

Alphabet is a company that provides technology services globally. Various projects are ongoing in the company including recruitment. Their lead quarter is located in Mountain View California. Apply now and stand a chance.

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AmerisourceBergen Jobs:

Is a Drug firm in America that deals with wholesale drugs. With the positive health care providence and new products by the company. It attracts big collaborations from top countries which increases their employment rate. Workers are in high for various positions in the company.

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Walmart Jobs:

Walmart is an American retail firm in the US. With a team of over 15,000+ data scientists, software engineers, service professionals, and internet monitoring teams. The versatility of the company puts them among the best free visa-sponsoring firm.

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IT Jobs With free visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA:

Internet optimization specialists are always in high demand in the US. The country keeps improving its workforce in various departments of technology. Here are some of the companies Hiring IT workers present.

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Pepsi Company Jobs:

The carbonated soft drink company is constantly expanding its branches in the United state of America. The 1893-founded company is currently employing workers from around the world. Apply now

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Amazon Jobs:

Amazon is among the biggest company in the world as well as the highest employers of Labour. Among the needed workers are delivery drivers, center workers, marketers, and IT workers.

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ExxonMobil Jobs in USA:

Trading internationally is the biggest identity of ExxonMobil. The oil firm is currently employing many workers in law, project supervision, engineering, human resource, operations, and other departments.

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Intel Jobs:

Intel is currently among the Top companies in the IT firm globally. They employ almost everyone not exempting religion, gender, national origin, and race.

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Google Jobs:

Get hired by Google by leveraging your professional network. Google pays workers big sums for the services they render. Juno in and make the best out of this opportunity.

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Berkshire Hathaway Jobs:

Ranking the seventh largest component of the S&P 500 index. The investment company owned by Warren Buffet has been a top employer in the US. They offer free visa Sponsorship in fields like finance, marketing, labor jobs, engineering, and others.

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META Jobs:

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is among the leading firm globally both on social media and otherwise, they are constantly recruiting workers firm around the world. Also, You can become a worker on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Meta portal, and messenger. Check below. Spanning from human resources, engineering, finance

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Apple Jobs:

Over 6000 workers can become beneficiaries of the in apple company. The company provides opportunities in  Customer service,  IP monitoring, sales, positioning, marketing, coding, and many more. Check it out.

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Microsoft Jobs:

Notwithstanding your course of study and experience. In addition, Microsoft is a sure way of getting a job this year. Even without a formal education, you can land employment as a labor worker, driver, security, and many more. Those with qualifications can be employed on daily basis.

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How To Get a Visa Sponsorship to work in the USA?

To be eligible for an H1B visa, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, or the equivalent. However, some companies don’t need A BEd in the specialty occupation for which you are seeking sponsorship.


How Long Is A Visa Sponsorship Valid?

The type of visa you are working with determines the duration of the sponsorship. For instance,  Immigrant Visa can last for 10 years while a Non-Immigrant Visa is valid for one year or three years, depending on the type of Visa.


Where can I find US jobs that sponsor visas?

The best places to get a US-sponsored visa are Linkedin, Google,,,, and


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