Why do Facebook parmanently disable an account

Why do Facebook Permanently Disable an Account? 7 Reasons and Prevention

I have seen many people inquiring why Facebook may permanently disable an account. Meta and Mark Zuckerberg have been trying to make their platform conducive for every user. They can disable an account for many reasons. The surest way to stay out of violation is by reading Facebook’s policy.


Why do Facebook permanently disable an account?

These and many more are the reasons Facebook might take down your account.

  • Creating Multiple Accounts – Creating multiple accounts is something that Facebook hates, they want everyone to have a single account or proper Identification. So to protect your account prepare to have only one account on Facebook.


  • Violating the Company’s Terms of Service – posting content that is hateful, derogatory, threatening, or pornographic can make Facebook disable your account PERMANENTLY. You Have to acknowledge that social media is for everyone.


  • Engaging In Fraud or Deceit – As simple as it may sound, Using Fb to solicit or engage in illegal activity can make you lose your account. If they find out your account will be gone completely.


  • Impersonating Someone Else – How would you feel if someone uses your face on their profile without your knowledge? Bad right? Pretending to be who are not can land you in trouble on Facebook.


  • Consistently Posting Unwanted Content – Nuditty is against the terms of usage on social media platforms. If you continue to post unwanted content, videos, photos, and texts, your account will be taken down by Facebook.


  • Lack of Usage – in some cases Facebook may disable accounts that have been dormant for a long time. So try to keep your account at least twice a month.


  • Bullying or Harassing Other Users – If you desire to keep your account, desist from using bully words on other users and this will land you in trouble. Respect every user and keep your space.



Which Facebook violation is the most delicate

You have to understand that violations are violations. However, there are certain violations that can land you in trouble. These type of violation includes those that are regarded as a life-threatening violation which are

  1. Harassment or bullying
  2. Sharing personal information of others without their consent.
  3. Threats or self-harm
  4. Child exploitation / Trafficking
  5. Posting about Terrorism
  6. Human trafficking

Making posts like this is considered inconsiderate. It can have serious consequences for both the person posting the content as well as the people targeted by it. I have seen people lose their accounts because of the items listed above. This may force them to disable your account.



Can I recover a permanently disabled account?

As difficult as it seems, It may be possible to recover a permanently disabled Facebook account, although sometimes the process and outcome will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the account’s disabling.

If the account was disabled for violating Facebook’s terms of service, the user will typically have to submit an appeal to the company.

Generally, the appeal process typically involves you providing Facebook with information about the account and the reason why your account was disabled. They will also inquire about any evidence that the user believes demonstrates that the account should be restored. After this stuff has been provided, They will have to review the appeal and make a decision about whether to restore the account.

However, you have to know that it’s not every account that can be restored.

If your account is disabled due to inactivity and it’s not a severe violation, it can be restored by simply logging in to it. It’s important to note that the outcome of an appeal is not a guarantee that you will get it back and that users who repeatedly violate Facebook’s terms of service may not be able to recover their accounts.



Will I be able to create a new account after Facebook disables my account

Surely you can create a new account provided if Facebook disables your account but you will have to use another mobile number.

If the account was against their terms and condition, the new account may be disabled again.

Note – In any situation which may lead to account disabling, the affected user is typically prohibited from creating new accounts, or using existing ones, without Facebook’s permission. It is so because they want to prevent users from continuing their illegal activities on the platform. Additionally, creating a new account to evade permanent disabling is a fraudulent and deceitful activity.


It may lead to further penalties such as legal action. I have learned that Facebook takes violations seriously, and creating a new account after your account has been permanently disabled is not only against the company’s policies but can also lead to additional penalties.

However, If they disable it and you believe it was done in error, you can submit an appeal to Facebook. They will thoroughly investigate and if your appeal is successful.  You may be able to regain access to your original account, rather than creating a new one.








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